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We deliver comprehensive market insights and research solutions to Building Product Manufacturers

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We were very pleased with the level of industry know-how, that gave us the chance to get the best out of this project. Also the level of communication and response was very good. We strongly recommend Leading Edge and would consider them in the future for any research project.

Senior Marketing Manager, DuPont
At Leading Edge, we're dedicated to providing first class market research, analysis, and strategic planning specifically for the building products sector.

Our team of consultants doesn't just bring research and analysis skills to the table; they come with direct operational experience in the building products industry, including senior roles in manufacturing and distribution. Our team of researchers are already well-versed in the challenges that manufacturers and the wider construction sector are facing, with years of experience working with clients like you. This allows us to quickly understand your needs, provide valuable insights, and offer practical, realistic solutions to your challenges.

Our approach ensures that every project we undertake is backed by a solid understanding of the construction market, its terminology, and the specific needs of our clients. This enables us to add real value and provide practical solutions, setting us apart in the market research landscape of the building products industry

Our Experience in Building Products Market Research, Market Analysis and Planning

Our expertise covers all major research issues and business challenges faced by building product manufacturers. With our extensive experience, it's likely we've encountered and successfully navigated situations similar to yours, having worked with a diverse range of manufacturers and distributors in this market.

Over the years, we've partnered with 100's of clients in the construction product manufacturing sector. Our experience spans across both heavyside products like cement, concrete, aggregates, plasterboard, bricks, and roofing, as well as lightside items such as lighting, rainwater systems, drainage, ceilings, and doors.

Additionally, we've worked with various distributors, including builders, timber and plumber’s merchants, and tool hire businesses, making us a well-rounded partner for all your market research and analysis needs in the building products domain.

Who we work with on our research and analysis projects

Customer Experience Specialists & Brand Managers

We recognise the crucial role of brand loyalty in the building product sector. Our expertise in brand equity research, brand tracking, customer journey mapping, and customer satisfaction and loyalty research helps identify areas for brand health improvement. Our voice of the customer research is designed to pinpoint critical touchpoints in the customer journey, shaping both positive and negative experiences.

Market Insight & Research Professionals

Accessing hard-to-reach audiences in construction is a challenge we're adept at. Our services include brand equity research, competitor intelligence, customer experience research, and market segmentation, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all geographies.

Marketers & Sales Teams

We aid in understanding the influencers in the specification and purchase process. Our services like communication channels & strategy, needs assessment, path-to-purchase research, pricing analysis, and segmentation are geared towards uncovering attitudes, behaviours, and needs of key players.

Product, Category & Portfolio Management

In the ever-evolving building product sector, we offer support in ensuring the success of new products. Our services like competitor intelligence, concept & prototype testing, and product/service bundling and pricing help in optimising product portfolios and aligning them with market demands.

Strategy Groups & Senior Management

Our research impacts strategic decisions such as brand acquisition, market entry, product launches, and market segmentation. We've conducted numerous projects that have aided in creating effective go-to-market plans backed by solid market intelligence. Our offerings include market entry research, market sizing, opportunity assessments, and segmentation.

Our Track Record in Market Analysis and Research for Building Products Manufacturers

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