Developing a robust construction forecast gives you a more solid foundation for your planning than using “gut feel” estimates. The forecast can help in the budgeting process and also in the allocation of sales and marketing resources to ensure you are targetting the right sector of the market.

Our Approach to Developing a Construction Forecast

We develop our construction forecast models using one of the following techniques:

  • Causal forecasting models – based on the relationship between the variable to be forecast (eg sales or market size) and an independent variable (eg new orders, rate of interest or construction output)
  • Time series forecasting models – uses historical data as a means of forecasting future outcomes
  • Qualitative forecasting – based on the educated opinions of selected persons with a knowledge of the market or company.

We do not always develop a sophisticated forecast model, some clients only require indicators on the likely performance of the market or niche sectors within it.

Our Experience in Construction Market Forecasts

Our experience in construction forecasts means we will quickly be able to identify an appropriate solution to your data requirements. Our clients typically require a forecast for the market in which they operate or assistance in building a revenue forecast model for their business.

Here’s some of the reasons why our forecasting clients work with us:

  • over 25 years’ experience of construction forecasts
  • specialist forecasting software and a proven methodology
  • the ability to provide you with a working forecast model to enable you to view various “what if” scenarios
  • the insight from producing a regular multi-client construction market forecast report, one of the more respected construction forecasts available.

Our Construction Forecast Report

If you are looking to purchase our construction forecast report, published every 6 months and providing 5 year output forecasts on the construction market by sector, the please click here.

Our Track Record in Forecasting in the UK Construction Industry

Here are just a few examples of other projects we have completed. Many more case studies are available if required.