Construction Market Research

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“Leading Edge provided invaluable market research that equipped us with a thorough understanding of the UK’s insulated foundation systems market. Their phased approach not only detailed the competitor framework but also dissected three viable market entry points. This strategic insight has been instrumental in preparing our entry into a new market, enhancing our decision-making process with comprehensive data and expert analysis. We are exceptionally pleased with their performance and outcomes.”

Commercial Director, Kore Systems
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Leading Edge’s market research expertise adeptly identified our market position and share, providing insight into our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Their thorough analysis of supplier selection criteria, market pain points, and opportunities has guided our strategy. Impressively, they’ve pinpointed gaps in the local market, offering actionable recommendations to enhance our product offering. Their contribution has been pivotal in refining our market approach, and as such we engaged them to carry out a further research programme for an additional area within our business. We highly recommend Leading Edge for comprehensive market analysis.

Sales and Marketing Director, Norman Piette Limited
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Leading Edge was contracted to perform a market analysis to inform our product development and marketing strategies. Throughout the engagement, their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and an understanding of our industry’s complexities. The analysis provided was thorough, including an examination of market segments, consumer behaviour and competitive positioning. The analysis and insights they provided were instrumental in guiding our strategic decisions. They had an objective stance and the presentation of the data was clear. The collaboration with Leading Edge exceeded our expectations for a market research project.

Marketing Director, Steel Door Manufacturer
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Leading Edge undertook a customer research programme for us which included analysis of purchasing habits and Net Promoter Score collection, aiming to understand our customers more deeply. The project was managed with a high degree of professionalism, from the initial design of the survey through to the analysis and presentation of results. Leading Edge’s team provided a detailed interpretation of the data, highlighting key areas for strategic improvement. The insights gained from their analysis have been critical to our efforts in improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. We found the engagement with Leading Edge to be valuable, appreciating their objective and thorough approach to the survey and analysis.

Senior Marketing Manager, Williams
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The team at Leading Edge are very professional. We worked with them over the course of 18 months on two research studies helping us to better identify our possibilities in a selection of European insulation markets.

Market Intelligence Manager, Global Insulation Manufacturer
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It had been a long time since we had undertaken market research by an external company and I felt that the whole way through the process that Leading Edge had the understanding and knowledge to lead the project for us. The results were presented very clearly and concisely and I would gladly recommend Leading Edge to anyone who is looking for a market leader in market research.

Head of Group Marketing, Acheson & Glover
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The Leading Edge team was very efficient and professional in their approach and kept to an extremely restricted delivery date. The results of the research have proved to be very helpful and insightful in moving our projects forward.

Marketing Director, BRE
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Thank you for a great piece of research on the UK Timber sector. The quality and depth of the work by the Leading Edge team on a complex task fully vindicated my recommendation for using you at the outset. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Marketing Manager, Enterprise Ireland
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The results of Leading Edge’s research will be fed directly into our marketing strategy, while the detailed analysis highlighted opportunities for growth. The project met all our objectives and as a result we have commissioned them to carry out further research projects for us.

Marketing Manager, MITIE Property Services
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We were very pleased with the level of industry know-how, that gave us the chance to get the best out of this project. Also the level of communication and response was very good. We strongly recommend Leading Edge and would consider them in the future for any research project.

Senior Marketing Manager, DuPont
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Having not done any previous research in the construction industry I took great confidence from Leading Edge’s clear expertise in this area. Their support throughout the whole project has been excellent. I will certainly use them again when the brief requires this high level of industry expertise.

Market Intelligence Manager, Samsung
Market research in the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and decisions of businesses operating within this dynamic sector. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, contractor, or service provider, Leading Edge offer bespoke research services designed to equip you with actionable insights to navigate the complexities of the market and stay ahead of the competition.

Understanding the intricacies of the construction market is essential for any organisation looking to thrive in this environment. Our services encompass a comprehensive range of research methodologies. From analysing market trends and forecasting future developments to assessing customer preferences and competitor strategies, our expertise ensures that our clients are well-informed to make strategic decisions.

Moreover, our team of seasoned analysts is adept at conducting in-depth competitor analyses, offering a clear view of the competitive landscape. This allows our clients to understand their position in the market, identify potential threats, and discover untapped areas for differentiation and innovation.

How we work with you on your Construction Market Research project


We want our work to answer your questions. Our consultation lets us fully understand your aims and objectives and make a plan of action for your project. We have hundreds of construction market research projects under our belt and enjoy each one being a little bit different!


We go out and uncover the information, opinions and insights that will really increase your knowledge. There are loads of ways to do this, and we love figuring out which ones work best. So we might target specifiers, contractors, customers or competition clientele: wherever the right information is waiting.


Finding data is one thing, but what does it all actually mean? We’ll give you tangible action points and ideas that your business can put into practice. We strive to uncover the hidden business insights that are waiting to be found and then tell you all about them!


Yes, we get excited about data, but we also know that it’s only useful when it’s translated well. Leading Edge reports are clear, accessible and usable. As we’re fully invested in your research objectives, we want to give you the insights and tools to develop tangible strategies.

Techniques we use in Construction Market Research

Telephone Interviews

At Leading Edge, we believe it’s about more than just writing good questions. Our interviewers are construction industry experts which means they can have insightful conversations, know the key issues in the sector, understand how the specification process works and have the knowledge to conduct technical interviews.

Web Based

Depending on who we’re gathering data from, web links can be so much more convenient. Great for collecting quantitative data or if we’re talking to busy trades or site based workers who might be hard to reach.

Face to Face

When a project needs rich or detailed data, executive interviews are ideal. Our experienced interviewers get right into the nitty gritty so that you can really understand the potential benefits and challenges for your project.

Focus Groups

A classic technique, we use focus groups for a reason. If you’re at the early stages of a product or service, online or in person focus groups are brilliant for gathering real world feedback.
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