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“We worked with Leading Edge to conduct a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey for three of our subsidiaries. The team were knowledgeable and thorough, offering helpful guidance and mapping out the process and timings to meet our tight deadlines. They captured key metrics including Net Promoter Scores and customer perceptions, providing insights into efficiency, communication and reputation across our operations.”

Head of Communications and Marketing, Utilities Infrastructure Organisation
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Leading Edge’s market research expertise adeptly identified our market position and share, providing insight into our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Their thorough analysis of supplier selection criteria, market pain points, and opportunities has guided our strategy. Impressively, they’ve pinpointed gaps in the local market, offering actionable recommendations to enhance our product offering. Their contribution has been pivotal in refining our market approach, and as such we engaged them to carry out a further research programme for an additional area within our business. We highly recommend Leading Edge for comprehensive market analysis.

Sales and Marketing Director, Norman Piette Limited
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Leading Edge undertook a customer research programme for us which included analysis of purchasing habits and Net Promoter Score collection, aiming to understand our customers more deeply. The project was managed with a high degree of professionalism, from the initial design of the survey through to the analysis and presentation of results. Leading Edge’s team provided a detailed interpretation of the data, highlighting key areas for strategic improvement. The insights gained from their analysis have been critical to our efforts in improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. We found the engagement with Leading Edge to be valuable, appreciating their objective and thorough approach to the survey and analysis.

Senior Marketing Manager, Williams
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Our company engaged Leading Edge for a market analysis project with the goal of better understanding our competitive landscape and identifying potential areas for growth. The service provided was characterised by a methodical approach to data collection and analysis. Leading Edge’s team furnished us with a report that offered a comprehensive overview of our market, highlighting key trends and potential areas of interest. We would happily work with the team at Leading Edge in the future.

Workforce Planning Consultant, Utilities Construction Service Organisation
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Having not done any previous research in the construction industry I took great confidence from Leading Edge’s clear expertise in this area. Their support throughout the whole project has been excellent. I will certainly use them again when the brief requires this high level of industry expertise.

Market Intelligence Manager, Samsung
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We’ve managed our own customer satisfaction surveys for many years with results remaining fairly static to falling. Leading Edge took all the hassle away from the process, provided a professional one on one service which resulted in improved client engagement and culminated in a comprehensive and meaningful report with benchmarking score, enabling us focus on key improvement opportunities.

Group Quality Manager, Robertson FM
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I was impressed with the analysis and how Leading Edge presented the results of this benchmarking project. I will be communicating the findings across my team to help drive service improvements.

Commercial Manager, Devon NHS
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The Leading Edge team were highly knowledgeable about forecasting in the construction sector with the necessary expertise and insight to add real value to our business. They delivered the market analysis report on time and to the required specification and provided an excellent service all round.

Market Insight Manager, Openreach
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Leading Edge developed two forecasting models for us, the first to forecast total UK construction output by sector and the other to forecast our own sales by product group. We were extremely pleased with the work, the models give us more confidence and we use them in our business planning. We would definitely recommend using Leading Edge, they have added significant value to our forecasting process.

Marketing Director, Speedy Hire
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The Leading Edge team was very efficient and professional in their approach and kept to an extremely restricted delivery date. The results of the research have proved to be very helpful and insightful in moving our projects forward.

Marketing Director, BRE
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The results of Leading Edge’s research will be fed directly into our marketing strategy, while the detailed analysis highlighted opportunities for growth. The project met all our objectives and as a result we have commissioned them to carry out further research projects for us.

Marketing Manager, MITIE Property Services
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Leading Edge was commissioned to produce a market analysis on a very complex and niche sector. The final output was extremely detailed and insightful, and their level of support, professionalism and commitment to the project was first-rate throughout the programme. We were very pleased with the end quality, and will undoubtedly call on their services again.

Commercial Analyst, Enterprise Ireland

Expert market research and analytical services for the construction industry

The construction industry is huge and very complex. However, at Leading Edge, our history with the industry runs deep too. Our experience and knowledge is built on conducting hundreds of research and analysis projects from every area of the construction sector.

By constantly building on our knowledge and growing with the ever evolving construction sector we know we will always give our clients that all important added value. We’ll elevate your data with industry specific ideas and observations. Of course, we don’t just rely on client instructions; we carry out our own industry research and analysis too, so we’re always up to date with key industry trends when it comes to context.

Our Experience in Construction Market Research, Strategic Planning and Industry Analysis

Decades of experience of research in the construction industry may sound impressive, but there’s so much more to Leading Edge. We’ve explored projects that look at the who, what, where and why of everything from products to services and pieced it together to understand our industry like no other. The team here brings together experienced researchers with hugely varied specialisms and director level operational experience. So with these skills, strategy, and speed, we hit the ground running with each new project.

Our expertise isn't confined to borders. We offer comprehensive market coverage in the UK, across Europe, and globally, bringing you a world of market insights right to your doorstep.

Selecting the best research techniques and target audience

Maybe you have a very specific research brief, like product market segmentation or customer service feedback. Or you might be seeking something broader to identify new markets and find your brand focus. From trends and regional market forecasting to international market mapping, we’ll advise on the best ways to access illuminating information. Our clients can expect depth of understanding and targeted insights alike.

Many of clients need data and insight which requires us to go to secondary research sources to provide answers. Desk research can assist with answering wide-ranging questions concerning markets and competition. This research draws from diverse sources such as industry analyses, trade associations and their publications, governmental data, corporate annual reports, financial databases, social media, press announcements and corporate websites. The volume of accessible public data on market movements, sectors, and specific companies differs based on the subject, industry and the organisation themselves.

We often use multiple research techniques within one project, combining desk research and telephone interviews or capturing data through online surveys and then a deeper dive for specific insights with in depth executive interviews. What drives this decision is often the type of audience we are targeting as we understand the key to successful research in the construction sector is accessing the right target audience, including decision-makers, influencers and users. Here are just some of the audiences we have researched:

  • Main Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Specialist Installers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Building Owners
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Because of the diverse range of clients we work within the industry with both myself and our researcher team are continuously updating our knowledge and keep up to date with challenges faced by those operating throughout the entire construction sector.

Elly Cousin, Director

Our Track Record in Market Analysis and Research for the Construction Industry

Case Study: Research to Understand Construction Job Roles and Use of Skilled Trade Cards Within the Energy and Utilities Sector

workers standing and checking beside working oil pumps.

A membership organisation focusing on trades within the energy and utilities sectors, which includes major infrastructure companies and their delivery partners, approached Leading Edge with a critical task. The organisation’s aim was to identify the skilled trades conducted on construction sites across various sectors, understand the prevalence of competitor skill card schemes, and determine the extent of health & safety training among professionals.

Project Objectives: Comprehensive Skill and Competency Analysis

The organisation’s objectives were multi-layered, encompassing the identification of skilled trades within gas, power, water, waste, telecommunications, and renewables sectors. They aimed to identify which competitor card schemes included these skilled trades and to assess whether individuals possessed the necessary health & safety training and assessments.

Research Methodology: In-Depth Data Collection and Analysis

We embarked on a methodical research process, collating and analysing a substantial amount of data from both desk research and telephone interviews. This approach allowed our client to establish areas of skill overlap. The team conducted 35 targeted interviews and thorough desk research, pinpointing skilled trades across the specified sectors and evaluating training organisations. We also investigated competitor card schemes to understand the inclusion of skilled trades and establish industry benchmarks.

Strategic Insights: Workforce Capabilities and Industry Standards

The analysis provided by Leading Edge shed light on skills overlap and workforce capabilities, contributing to policy and regulatory discussions. By confirming a skills shortage in the workforce, the urgency for investment in training programs to meet the UK’s future needs was highlighted. The investigation into competitor card schemes offered valuable insights for competitive positioning within the industry.

Conclusion: Empowering Workforce Development and Sector Advancement

Leading Edge delivered a detailed report that clarified the current on-site roles, empowering the organisation to strategically align the workforce with the sector’s operational demands. This enhanced the client’s capacity to support its members in attracting and retaining skilled professionals by highlighting areas for workforce improvement and training needs. Furthermore, the research accentuated career progression opportunities, linking card scheme participation to tangible career advancements within the energy and utility sectors. This project exemplifies the importance of detailed market research in understanding job roles and qualifications within the energy and utilities sector, providing the foundation for strategic workforce development and sector advancement.

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Why choose Leading Edge for your Construction Industry research

35+ Years Experience
37,000+ Research Interviews Completed
389+ Construction & Environmental Clients
Leading Edge, established in 1988, has over 35 years of experience in construction market research. We have collaborated with hundreds of clients on bespoke market studies and conducted over 37,000 research interviews, providing deep insights into the construction, building products, and environmental sectors.

We offer comprehensive market coverage in the UK, across Europe and globally, bringing you a world of market insights right to your doorstep.
Our team comprises of experts in construction market research, strategic consulting and commercial construction - delivering reliable and actionable intelligence. Working extensively across the construction industry supply chain, out clients often include contractors, building product manufacturers, trade associations, and related service organisations.

In the environmental and energy markets, our expertise spans various sub-sectors, serving multinational corporations in water and waste management, support service intermediaries, SMEs and public sector clients at national, regional and local levels.