We supply the construction industry with expert market research and analytical services

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Leading Edge was commissioned to produce a market analysis on a very complex and niche sector. The final output was extremely detailed and insightful, and their level of support, professionalism and commitment to the project was first-rate throughout the programme. We were very pleased with the end quality, and will undoubtedly call on their services again.

Commercial Analyst, Enterprise Ireland
The construction industry is huge and complex, we understand that as much as you do. The great thing is that at Leading Edge, our history with the industry runs deep. It’s layers of experience and knowledge from conducting research and analysis projects from every area of the construction sector.

By constantly building on our knowledge and growing with the ever evolving construction sector we know we will always give our clients that all important added value. We’ll elevate your data with industry specific ideas and observations, and we’re super agile to boot. Of course, we don’t just rely on client instructions; we embark on our own industry research and analysis reports too, so we’re always up to date when it comes to context.

Our Experience in Construction Market Research, Strategic Planning and Industry Analysis

Decades of experience of research in the construction industry may sound impressive, but there’s so much more to Leading Edge. We’ve explored projects that look at the who, what, where and why of everything from products to services and pieced it together to understand our industry like no other. The team here brings together experienced researchers with hugely varied specialisms and director level operational experience. So with these skills, strategy, and speed, we hit the ground running with each new project.

Our expertise isn't confined to borders. We offer comprehensive market coverage in the UK, across Europe, and globally, bringing you a world of market insights right to your doorstep.

Selecting Respondents Types and Validation Through Desk Research

Maybe you have a very specific research brief, like product market segmentation or customer service feedback. Or you might be seeking something broader to identify new markets and find your brand focus. From trends and regional market forecasting to international market mapping, we’ll advise on the best ways to access illuminating information. Our clients can expect depth of understanding and targeted insights alike.

We understand the key to successful research in the construction sector is accessing the right target audience, including decision-makers, influencers and users. Here are just some of the audiences we have researched:

  • Main contractors
  • Sub contractors
  • Specialist installers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Developers

Many of clients need data and insight where we go to secondary research sources to  provide answers. Desk research can assist with answering wide-ranging questions concerning markets and competition. This research draws from diverse sources such as industry analyses, trade associations and their publications, governmental data, corporate annual reports, financial databases, social media, press announcements, and corporate websites. The volume of accessible public data on market movements, sectors, and specific companies differs based on the subject, industry, and the organisation themselves.

Our Track Record in Market Analysis and Research for the Construction Industry

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