Assessment of UK construction market for new product launch

Client description

  • Building product manufacturer, focus on lift platforms

Project Objectives

  • To gain feedback on the design of a prototype product.
  • To identify the scale of the opportunity and increase its knowledge of the commercial sector of the UK construction market.

How we met the objectives

  • Developed multiple questionnaires to provide information on the market from a different perspectives.
  • Completed interview programme of 60 respondents including the following respondent types: installers, architects, property developers and disabled organisations.
  • Collected additional comments following email exchange of product images.

Benefits for the client

  • Gained detailed analysis of the market and competition including the key brands, market trends, importance of specification, scale of the opportunity, barriers to entry and specific issues to address.
  • Identified specific recommendations made on issues to be addressed and next steps.
  • Identified valuable information for the design team to improve certain aspects of the product prior to launch.
  • Provided the client with information to inform decision to move forward with the project and is compiling an investment programme.