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The team at Leading Edge have put together a selection of free downloads, packed with insightful tips and valuable information.

These resources are designed to guide you through the intricacies of market research in the construction, building products and environmental and energy sectors. They offer insight into strategies and techniques proven to yield results. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our downloadable content provides a wealth of knowledge to help you understand market dynamics, consumer behaviour and emerging trends. Enhance your market research skills by downloading our free documents.

Construction Market Analysis Whitepapers

Construction Market Assessment Prior to New Product Launch

This document offers guidance on conducting a market assessment prior to launching new products in the UK construction industry. It emphasises the importance of gathering comprehensive market and competitor data to inform strategic decisions, covering aspects such as market size, potential customers, influencers, market entry barriers and product specifics.


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Construction Market Analysis using Planning Leads

This paper examines the leveraging of planning leads from base sources like Glenigan or ABI for construction market analysis. It discusses how detailed UK building project data can provide insights into market trends, key players and growth opportunities highlighting the challenges in managing and analysing this extensive information segmented by a range of factors.


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Building Products Market Analysis to Identify Priority Sectors

This paper examines a method for identifying priority sectors within the building products market. It involves a comprehensive analysis of your company alongside market data, utilizing the Directional Strategy Matrix as a strategic planning aid. This matrix offers a systematic approach to assess and concentrate efforts on sectors where your expertise can lead to dominance. Widely adopted by businesses and management consultancies, the tool’s effectiveness hinges on gathering accurate information before implementation.


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Construction Market Research Whitepapers

Construction Market Research Brief for Building Product Manufacturers

This document serves as a comprehensive template for building product manufacturers to outline their construction market research needs. It guides you through key areas such as company background, project objectives, research methodology and target audience. The template assists in structuring thoughts for either external or internal market research, covering aspects from product development to competitor analysis and customer service assessment, ensuring a thorough approach for informed decision-making.


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Market Research Brief for the Construction Industry

This template is a valuable tool for professionals in the construction industry planning a market research study. It outlines essential subjects to include in the research brief, whether working with external agencies or internal teams. While tailored for construction, its adaptable framework is also applicable across various industries.


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Reducing Construction Survey Costs

In an ever-evolving construction market, understanding customer preferences and competitor offerings is crucial. This paper explores how to conduct focused construction surveys for valuable insights, even with limited budgets. It reviews various components of a survey program, offering strategies to balance cost-effectiveness with data reliability.


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Using Construction Research to Assess New Markets

This paper highlights the importance of detailed construction research in assessing new markets within the construction and building products sectors. It discusses how to gather essential market and competitor data, evaluate market size, analyse major competitors, and identify key market trends, reduce the risks and identify routes to market. The document emphasises the significance of balancing experience with data-driven insights to minimise risks in product launches or market entry.


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Qualitative or Quantitative Construction Market Research

This paper provides a review into the distinctions between qualitative and quantitative market research methods, specifically tailored for the construction and building products sector. It aims to clarify when each type of research is most beneficial, outlining their differences in sample sizes, methodologies and expected outcomes.


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Customer Service Benchmarking Whitepapers

Customer Service Measurement in the Construction Market

This paper explores effective methods for measuring and enhancing customer service in the construction and building products market. It discusses the challenges of interpreting customer service data and the importance of setting benchmarks for comparison. Emphasising the role of customer surveys, it helps identify crucial touchpoints and aligns them with customer expectations to boost satisfaction and loyalty.


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Customer Satisfaction Surveys in the Construction Sector

In the construction sector, Customer Satisfaction Surveys are instrumental in identifying service and product strengths and weaknesses, thereby pinpointing improvement opportunities. These surveys track satisfaction changes over time or as one off exercises and offer insights into competitive benchmarking. Key aspects include determining the target respondents, tailoring satisfaction measurement questions and choosing the most effective data collection method.


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Construction Market Forecasting Whitepapers

Sales Forecasting in the Construction Sector

This paper provides an overview into the intricacies of sales forecasting in the construction market, exploring various techniques ranging from quantitative time series and causal models to qualitative opinion-based methods. It offers guidance on utilising different data sources and approaches for creating both top-down and bottom-up forecasts in the construction and building materials market.


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Strategy and Planning Whitepapers

Customer Analysis in the Construction and Building Products Sector

This paper provides insights into conducting effective customer analysis in the construction and building products sector, emphasising the importance of segmenting customers based on behaviour and needs. It highlights the optimal identification of key segments for targeted service and pricing strategies, crucial for operating in competitive markets and countering price pressures.


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Developing a Construction Marketing Strategy and Plan

This paper outlines the key stages to developing and collecting comprehensive data for a successful construction marketing strategy and plan. It underscores the plan’s critical role as a reference, control mechanism, action driver and sales facilitator. It guides you through steps to ensure that marketing efforts are cost effective, aligned with long-term strategies and effective in meeting sales targets.


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Key Stages in Developing a Construction Market Strategy

In outlining the pivotal stages for developing a construction market strategy, this paper provides a structured approach, detailing tasks from designing a vision to conducting audits and analysing strategic options. It emphasises the critical role of comprehensive data on markets, customers and competitors in shaping a robust marketing strategy.


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Net Promoter Score Whitepapers

Net Promoter Score in Construction and Building Products

An insight into the application of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) within the construction, building products and environmental industries. This paper explores its measurement and how to use it. It details calculation methods and real-world uses of NPS, drawing on our extensive experience and familiarity with typical scores in these sectors.


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Leading Edge, established in 1988, has over 35 years of experience in construction market research. We have collaborated with hundreds of clients on bespoke market studies and conducted over 37,000 research interviews, providing deep insights into the construction, building products, and environmental sectors.

We offer comprehensive market coverage in the UK, across Europe and globally, bringing you a world of market insights right to your doorstep.
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In the environmental and energy markets, our expertise spans various sub-sectors, serving multinational corporations in water and waste management, support service intermediaries, SMEs and public sector clients at national, regional and local levels.
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