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We are totally focused on market research, insight and analysis in the construction industry and, unlike many other research agencies, don’t claim to be experts in all business to business sectors. Similarly, if you are in or related to the construction sector, we do not try to supply all your marketing needs – we focus only on research and analysis as that is what we excel at. Please click below to find out more about us, we would love to hear from you!

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The GB Contract Floorcovering Report 2023

Published in October 2023, this report provides a detailed analysis of the contract (commercial) flooring market in GB based on detailed market research, including 396 telephone interviews, manufacturer sales data, desk research and detailed discussions with flooring manufacturers. It has been produced every 2 – 3 years since 1979 and is considered to be the key source for flooring market size and trend data in the UK market. We work closely with most of the main flooring manufacturers in the compilation of this report to help improve the accuracy of data. Market sizes are provided by flooring category and sector for 2000 – 2023 (estimates for 2023 based on 6 months data) and a forecast for 2024.

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