Construction Market Analysis

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Our company engaged Leading Edge for a market analysis project with the goal of better understanding our competitive landscape and identifying potential areas for growth. The service provided was characterised by a methodical approach to data collection and analysis. Leading Edge’s team furnished us with a report that offered a comprehensive overview of our market, highlighting key trends and potential areas of interest. We would happily work with the team at Leading Edge in the future.

Workforce Planning Consultant, Utilities Construction Service Organisation
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The team at Leading Edge are very professional. We worked with them over the course of 18 months on two research studies helping us to better identify our possibilities in a selection of European insulation markets.

Market Intelligence Manager, Global Insulation Manufacturer
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Having not done any previous research in the construction industry I took great confidence from Leading Edge’s clear expertise in this area. Their support throughout the whole project has been excellent. I will certainly use them again when the brief requires this high level of industry expertise.

Market Intelligence Manager, Samsung
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Leading Edge were really easy to work with. The team provided weekly updates and was always available for face to face calls when needed. Altogether a very professional and personable experience.

Marketing Manager, Masonite
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A professional research company that fully addressed the brief on time. We would certainly use Leading Edge again in the future.

Commercial Director, Forterra
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We needed assistance to understand our market in more detail to help us plan our diversification strategy. The work was excellent and we acted upon most of the recommendations.

Director, Ardex
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We have worked with Leading Edge for 5 years to track the performance of concrete against other building materials. They have excellent knowledge of the construction and cementitious markets and have consistently produced the required output on time and within budget.

Director, The Concrete Centre
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We have used Leading Edge a number of times before and went to them to help us evaluate a potential new product sector for the building products market. As with previous research we were more than happy with the results and would definitely use them again.

Marketing Manager, SAS International
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Leading Edge was commissioned to produce a market analysis on a very complex and niche sector. The final output was extremely detailed and insightful, and their level of support, professionalism and commitment to the project was first-rate throughout the programme. We were very pleased with the end quality, and will undoubtedly call on their services again.

Commercial Analyst, Enterprise Ireland
At Leading Edge, we see market analysis as one of the key contributors to smart decision-making. Delving into market trends, consumer behaviour and competitive landscapes, we uncover the insights crucial for your success in the construction, building products and environmental & energy sectors. With our in-depth market analysis, you gain the strategic vision essential for steering through market complexities, optimising resources and enhancing profitability.

We're here to help companies make their mark in new markets across the UK, Europe and globally. Our approach is practical and straightforward: we identify key trends and provide forecasts for the construction sectors you're targeting.

We analyse the competitive environment and clarify the barriers to entry, like regulatory requirements, performance standards and necessary test certifications. Our goal is to give you a clear picture of the market's size and potential. Rely on us for accurate and actionable insights into the UK Construction Market, helping you make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Our Approach to Analysing Construction Markets

Trend Identification through Statistical Analysis

Our approach will often include a detailed analysis of existing statistics to uncover trends that inform strategic decisions. By meticulously examining market data, customer behaviours and industry shifts, we provide a comprehensive view of current conditions and emerging patterns, ensuring clients stay ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Desk Research

We conduct extensive desk research, utilising a broad array of sources including government publications, online resources, press releases, promotional materials, annual reports and our specialised databases. This method allows us to gather a wealth of information, offering a solid foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Mystery Shopper Insights

Through mystery shopper exercises, we obtain candid insights into customer experience, service quality and product performance. This hands-on approach helps us capture the subtleties of consumer interactions and expectations, providing invaluable feedback for enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Industry Expert Engagement

Our research extends to engaging with industry experts, including trade associations, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and distributors. These interactions enrich our studies with deep, sector-specific knowledge and perspectives, ensuring our analysis is grounded in real-world expertise.

Broad Perspective from Suppliers and Clients

We facilitate discussions with both suppliers and clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. This dual approach allows us to capture a full spectrum of insights, from supply chain dynamics to customer needs, ensuring a balanced and thorough perspective on industry challenges and opportunities.

Actionable Insights with Advanced Forecasting

Utilising advanced forecasting techniques, we provide actionable insights into future market trends and opportunities. Our predictive models are designed to help clients anticipate changes, adapt strategies and seize opportunities with confidence, ensuring long-term success in a dynamic market environment.
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