Case Study

Competitor analysis for a laboratory operating in the water and waste sectors

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A national supplier of laboratory services within the water and waste sector embarked on a strategic initiative to understand the competitive landscape pertaining to E. Coli and Legionella testing services. This undertaking was commissioned by the laboratory division of a major water plc to sharpen their competitive edge in the market.

Analytical Approach to Competitor Study

Leading Edge was enlisted to conduct a thorough competitor study, focusing on the key players offering E. Coli and Legionella testing services. The approach was to engage directly with twenty of the client’s principal competitors, adopting the guise of a potential service purchaser. This tactic allowed for an in-depth inquiry into the range of services provided by each competitor and their associated pricing structures, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

Insights and Strategic Outcomes

The investigation culminated in a detailed compilation of competitor profiles, shedding light on the various service offerings, including individual, bulk, and special pricing options. Based on the insights garnered from the study, Leading Edge presented the client with strategic verbal recommendations and a dossier of critical market information.

This analysis provided the client with a nuanced perspective on their competition, enabling them to recalibrate their market positioning and service offerings to better meet the needs of their customers and to stand out in the competitive landscape.

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