Assessment of market opportunity for a European building product manufacturer of sustainable products

Client description

  • American manufacturing conglomerate of building products using several European sites.

Project Objectives

  • To identify opportunities to increase the market share of their tapes and air vapour control layer products in the UK.

How we met the objectives

  • Carried out a 2 stage telephone research survey.
  • Identified, during the first stage, the key trades who purchase the products and where they purchased them from.
  • Carried out telephone interviews in the second stage with priority users and distributors of the products to gain a more detailed understanding of the current and potential markets, how the products were used,  key competitors and an estimate of market share.
  • Estimated the total market size and the overall opportunity in the UK through detailed desk research.

Benefits for the client

  • Gained a detailed assessment of the UK market: including route to market, buying behaviour, competitor analysis and market size data.
  • Developed their strategy to increase market share in the UK.