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Analysis of Market Size and Market Share for a Building Product Manufacturer

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A manufacturer that has evolved from specialising in flooring accessories to becoming a comprehensive contract interior solutions provider approached Leading Edge to determine the size of the contract flooring accessories market in Great Britain. They sought to understand their position and the distribution of market share in both the contract and residential sectors of the GB flooring accessories market.

Project Objectives: Defining Market Dominance in Flooring Accessories

The research aimed to identify not only the size of the market but also market share within the GB contract and residential flooring accessories sectors. Understanding these metrics was crucial for strategic planning and market positioning.

Research Methodology: Multistage Data Collection

To address these objectives, we initiated a multi-phased research process. The first phase included conducting telephone interviews with 152 flooring contractors and 30 flooring distributors. To ensure the accuracy and validity of the specialised market data, a second phase involved additional interviews with 53 flooring contractors. The research was further enriched by in-depth conversations with industry executives, which provided additional insights into the flooring accessories market.

Strategic Insights: Unveiling Market Dynamics

The research delivered valuable insights into the GB flooring accessories market. They identified the market size and shares, deciphered the market structure, and analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the leading players. This data was benchmarked against previous research carried out by Leading Edge in 2018, offering a comparative perspective on market evolution and trends.

Strategic Development: Leveraging Industry Feedback

The feedback collected from interviews provided a basis for the manufacturer to develop a robust strategy. They utilised the feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their offerings, as reported by interviewees, to refine their approach to market engagement, product development, and customer service.

Conclusion: Informing Future Growth and Competitive Strategy

Our research equipped the flooring solutions provider with a deep understanding of their market position, enabling them to make informed decisions. The insights on market size, share, and the competitive landscape laid the groundwork for strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing their market influence and capitalising on growth opportunities.

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