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Research to Understand Construction Job Roles and Use of Skilled Trade Cards Within the Energy and Utilities Sector

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A membership organisation focusing on trades within the energy and utilities sectors, which includes major infrastructure companies and their delivery partners, approached Leading Edge with a critical task. The organisation’s aim was to identify the skilled trades conducted on construction sites across various sectors, understand the prevalence of competitor skill card schemes, and determine the extent of health & safety training among professionals.

Project Objectives: Comprehensive Skill and Competency Analysis

The organisation’s objectives were multi-layered, encompassing the identification of skilled trades within gas, power, water, waste, telecommunications, and renewables sectors. They aimed to identify which competitor card schemes included these skilled trades and to assess whether individuals possessed the necessary health & safety training and assessments.

Research Methodology: In-Depth Data Collection and Analysis

We embarked on a methodical research process, collating and analysing a substantial amount of data from both desk research and telephone interviews. This approach allowed our client to establish areas of skill overlap. The team conducted 35 targeted interviews and thorough desk research, pinpointing skilled trades across the specified sectors and evaluating training organisations. We also investigated competitor card schemes to understand the inclusion of skilled trades and establish industry benchmarks.

Strategic Insights: Workforce Capabilities and Industry Standards

The analysis provided by Leading Edge shed light on skills overlap and workforce capabilities, contributing to policy and regulatory discussions. By confirming a skills shortage in the workforce, the urgency for investment in training programs to meet the UK’s future needs was highlighted. The investigation into competitor card schemes offered valuable insights for competitive positioning within the industry.

Conclusion: Empowering Workforce Development and Sector Advancement

Leading Edge delivered a detailed report that clarified the current on-site roles, empowering the organisation to strategically align the workforce with the sector’s operational demands. This enhanced the client’s capacity to support its members in attracting and retaining skilled professionals by highlighting areas for workforce improvement and training needs. Furthermore, the research accentuated career progression opportunities, linking card scheme participation to tangible career advancements within the energy and utility sectors. This project exemplifies the importance of detailed market research in understanding job roles and qualifications within the energy and utilities sector, providing the foundation for strategic workforce development and sector advancement.

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