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Research to Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

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A national Facilities Management contractor, set out to enhance their customer service experience. They sought the expertise of Leading Edge to measure customer satisfaction, evaluate service performance areas, and track the Net Promoter Score (NPS) over time.

Project Objectives: Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Analysis

The company’s primary objectives were to gauge the level of customer satisfaction with their services, pinpoint service areas performing well alongside those needing improvement, and measure the trajectory of their NPS. These metrics were essential to maintaining high service standards and fostering client loyalty.

Methodology: In-Depth Interviews and Service Performance Analysis

We addressed these objectives by conducting 82 interviews with senior and middle management customer representatives across various contracts. This research included an in-depth analysis of both hard and soft facilities management (FM) services. Performance was measured and compared with results from previous surveys, allowing for a nuanced analysis of changes in NPS over time.

Benefits: Strategic Improvements and Actionable Insights

The insights extracted from the surveys had a substantial impact. Net Promoter Scores improved significantly as strategic initiatives informed by the survey insights were implemented, reinforcing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Detailed customer feedback on both hard and soft FM services revealed performance levels and crucial areas for improvement. Accurate measures of customer satisfaction provided a clear picture of the service quality perceived by clients.

Strategic Outcomes: Tailored Action Plans for Service Excellence

Equipped with this information, the company developed targeted action plans for each contract. These plans pinpointed essential areas for improvement, tailored to meet the specific needs of customers. This focused approach ensured that efforts were directed where they were most needed, allowing the business to enhance service delivery proactively.

Conclusion: Continuous Improvement Driven by Customer Feedback

This research underscores the importance of regular customer satisfaction measurement and the monitoring of NPS. The clients dedication to continuous service improvement, guided by precise customer feedback and Leading Edge’s expert analysis, has set a standard for delivering excellence in Facilities Management services. This ongoing commitment to understanding and meeting client needs is what continues to drive the company’s success and reputation for quality in the industry.

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