Case Study

Analysis of Market Share, Competitors and Brand Positioning

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Our client, a prominent timber and builders merchant, commissioned Leading Edge to examine and explore the depths of the market dynamics.

Research Objectives: Evaluating Market Needs and Prototype Feedback

The project’s primary objectives included focusing on identifying the client’s market positioning and share, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current market players, understanding the criteria for supplier selection, pinpointing market pain points and opportunities, and gaining insights into customer shopping and ordering habits. This all-encompassing strategy was designed to offer a complete overview of the market landscape.

Research Methodology: Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis

To meet these objectives, we embarked on an extensive data collection journey. The research programme involved conducting 100 telephone interviews with a diverse group of tradespeople, including plumbers, joiners, builders, self-builders, and contractors specialising in roofing, plastering, and painting. This broad spectrum of respondents ensured a rich and varied data set. We then meticulously segmented this data by key customer types, identifying four distinct buying personas. This segmentation was essential for understanding the specific needs and behaviours of different customer segments.

Market and Competition Analysis: Strategic Planning for Product Launch

The analysis revealed key insights into customer spending habits, providing a perspective to refine decision-making processes. A detailed benchmarking of the client’s brand position against competitors provided strategic insights for positioning in the market. The study clarified competitors’ advantages and market shares, offering a clear picture of the competitive landscape. Additionally, insights were extracted from the Net Promoter Score (NPS), revealing customer loyalty patterns and behaviour drivers across customer segments, this helped in identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.

The research indicated that customers prioritised value and brand trust over price, a crucial finding for developing marketing strategies. Moreover, the research identified the spending habits and preferences of customers, helping the client understand where their brand stood in the market and how to develop targeted marketing strategies. The research also provided a clear picture of direct competitor advantages and market shares, essential for strategic planning.

Conclusion: Guiding Informed Decisions and Investment Strategies

In conclusion, the research provided the timber and builders merchant with invaluable insights into market share, competitors, and brand positioning. The study’s findings were instrumental in guiding the client’s decision-making and investment strategies. By identifying key customer preferences and behaviours, and understanding the competitive landscape, the client was better positioned to refine their marketing strategies and grow their business. The research ultimately equipped the client with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed decisions and strategically position themselves in the market for long-term success.

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