Case Study

Analysis of Multiple European Markets to Assess Decision Making and Distribution Chain

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A multinational insulation manufacturer, specialising in stone wool insulation and committed to sustainability, required the expertise of Leading Edge to seek to understand the competitive landscape, market drivers, and the intricacies of the installation process for both new and refurbished projects.

Research Objectives: Evaluating Market Needs and Prototype Feedback

Our clients aim was to gather intelligence on decision-makers, end-users, and final customers. They also intended to gain insights into the decision-making process, identify the type of final customer, and understand the distribution channels.

Research Methodology: Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis

We undertook this task by conducting 34 in-depth interviews with key individuals involved in the manufacture, assembly, and installation of curtain wall, precast concrete, and glass spandrel panels. This comprehensive analysis encompassed five geographical markets of interest: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The methodology utilised in this study built upon the experience from phase 1 research, which helped in prioritising existing customers already purchasing the company’s products.

Market and Competition Analysis: Strategic Planning for Product Launch

The research yielded valuable market intelligence, shedding light on decision-making criteria, key decision-makers, and customer experiences. This information was crucial in identifying the outcomes from phase 2, leading to an enhanced definition of the client’s offer for previously developed products. The data gathered provided a clearer picture of the competitive landscape, helping the insulation manufacturer understand the dynamics of the various market segments they were operating in. This analysis was pivotal in strategising for the product launch, ensuring that the client’s offerings were well-aligned with market needs and customer expectations.

Conclusion: Guiding Informed Decisions and Investment Strategies

The findings from our research proved instrumental in guiding the insulation manufacturer towards making precise strategic decisions. The in-depth data obtained from both phases of the study offered targeted market intelligence, which was essential in forming the groundwork for informed investment decisions and managing reporting workflows in unpredictable markets. This comprehensive research, backed by our trusted expertise and data-driven insights, equipped the client with the necessary tools to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving insulation market.

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