A key part of our service offering to clients is construction market research. Most of our research projects are with clients who are either in or closely related to the construction and building products sectors. We have worked with manufacturers, distributors, contractors and service organisations in these sectors and have interviewed respondents from across the construction supply chain.

Our Approach to Construction Market Research

Typically we would collect data using one of the following techniques:

  • telephone interviewing using CATI technology – the most often used method of collecting data
  • web based data collection – typically via email link to URL
  • face to face for detailed executive interviews
  • focus groups – on-line and face-to-face meetings
  • mystery shopping.

The field research is often backed up by detailed desk research using a variety of sources such as company web sites, government statistics, published reports, our in house library and trade publications. We are very familiar with most existing data sources in the industry and know where to go to obtain it. For more information on techniques we use to research the construction and building products market, go to our downloads and reports section.

Our Experience in Construction Market Research and Analysis

Our experience in the construction, building products and environmental industries means we understand the key issues and terminology and will probably already have completed research with your target audience.

Here’s some of the reasons why our clients work with us:

  • over 25 years research experience in the construction industry and so you can rest assured that we know your market and what affects it
  • completed over 17,000 interviews using a full range of research techniques across the entire construction supply chain, we know what works and what doesn’t
  • a team that has director level operational experience in the construction and building products industry enabling us to give practical advice to improve business performance
  • completed over 150 market research projects in the construction, building products and environmental sectors and so we can hit the ground running on all projects.

Our Track Record in Market Research in the Construction Industry

Here are just a few examples of other projects we have completed. Many more case studies are available if required.