Market analysis and research to assess international expansion for a Chartered Surveyors

Client description

  • Major international chartered surveying company.

Project Objectives

  • Phase 1:  To identify and rank 10 countries with potential for international expansion.
  • Phase 2:  To refine and verify the results of Phase 1 using in-depth telephone research.

How we met the objectives

  • Key parameters were identified and data collected to score and rank countries for their potential for international expansion.
  • A model was built to allow weightings to be given to each parameter and overall scores for each country calculated.
  • In-depth qualitative telephone interviews were conducted with 52 key contacts across 5 short-listed countries.

Benefits for the client

  • The research provided a shortlist of countries and a market attractiveness score for each to allow for further in-depth research.
  • Recommended next steps for each country and potential issues were highlighted to feed into the international strategic plan.