Case Study

Assessment of Customer Service Performance for a Road Maintenance Contractor on a Major PFI Contract

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A road maintenance contractor, engaged in a Public Finance Initiative (PFI) contract with a city council, sought the expertise of Leading Edge to assist them with assessing their service performance. The objective was to measure and track the contractor’s performance over time, gaining insights into how their services were perceived by the residents of the area.

Project Objectives: Measuring Performance and Tracking Improvements

The key aim of the project was to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the contractor’s performance in road maintenance, and to observe changes or trends in this performance over time. This measurement was essential not just for maintaining the standards of the PFI contract, but also for identifying areas of potential improvement in their services.

Methodology: Mixed-Method Approach for Comprehensive Feedback

To meet these objectives, an annual survey was conducted among approximately 1,000 residents of the city. This survey utilised a mix of online and telephone research methods. The telephone research was designed to ensure a representative mix of respondents and to gather more in-depth qualitative feedback. In contrast, the online survey was more focused on obtaining quantitative data. This mixed-method approach allowed for a balanced and thorough assessment of the contractor’s performance from multiple perspectives.

Outcomes: Insights into Service Performance and Areas of Improvement

The survey results provided the contractor with valuable insights, particularly in tracking key measures such as the net promoter score, which is a critical indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction. The survey also helped in identifying the areas where the contractor was performing well, as well as those where improvements were needed. Furthermore, it highlighted the aspects of road maintenance that residents considered most important, providing a resident-centric perspective on service quality.

Conclusion: Enhancing Service Delivery Through Resident Feedback

The annual survey proved to be a crucial tool for the road maintenance contractor in evaluating and enhancing their service delivery. By systematically tracking their performance and understanding residents’ priorities, the contractor was able to identify key areas for improvement. This approach not only ensured compliance with the standards of the PFI contract but also fostered a proactive approach to service enhancement, ultimately leading to higher resident satisfaction and better road maintenance services.

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