Case Study

Internal customer satisfaction research for major UK water utility

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A leading UK water and wastewater services provider recognised the need for an in-depth understanding of internal support satisfaction among its teams. The company embarked on a research project to gauge the internal customer experience, focusing on its internal customer base and graduates participating in its training programs.

Project Aims

The primary goal was to conduct two distinct internal surveys over a six-month period. These surveys were designed to measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and overall satisfaction with key service factors. For the graduate program participants, the surveys aimed to capture satisfaction levels with various aspects of the training provided.

Research Execution

To accurately reflect the sentiments of the targeted groups, a bespoke questionnaire was crafted, enabling the segmentation of responses for the internal customer satisfaction survey. The company conducted thorough telephone interviews with a representative cross-section of contacts, ensuring a broad and comprehensive data set. The responses were meticulously analysed, with the findings presented in detailed spreadsheets, including verbatim accounts and tracking data for ongoing assessment.

Client Insights

The culmination of this research provided the client with a first-time, independent review of employee satisfaction within strategic groups, including the feedback from graduates on their training program. These insights were pivotal in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in the internal support structures and helped inform future strategies for enhancing employee and trainee experiences.

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