Market research and development of marketing strategy for waterproofing products manufacturer

Client description

  • Specialist manufacturer of waterproofing products.

Project objectives

  • To develop a robust 5 year marketing strategy based on a sound knowledge of the market.

How we met the objectives

  • Carried out 100 telephone interviews, to assess a number of key areas such as brand awareness, ratings of performance compared to the main competitors, market trends and routes to market.
  • In a series of meetings, developed the outline marketing strategy, set objectives and reviewed strategic options for growing sales in the chosen target markets.
  • Reviewed all the current marketing activities proposing which areas could be dropped and which could be improved in order to compile a full and detailed marketing plan.

Benefits for the client

  • Launched business  strategy to help focus all future investment and activity.
  • Implemented new marketing plan which helped the company increase its turnover in the years following the strategic review.
  • Revamped all its marketing brochures to highlight the key selling points of its new product range more effectively.