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Construction Materials Market Research

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In the intricate and ever-evolving construction sector, the significance of nuanced market research and analysis cannot be overstated. Our expertise is deeply entrenched in this industry, where we offer comprehensive services such as market research, market analysis, product forecasting, and customer benchmarking. Our impressive roster of collaborations includes notable names such as Aliaxis, Ardex, Bouygues, Gradus, Forterra, MITIE, and Speedy Hire, highlighting our proficiency and trusted reputation in conducting pivotal research on construction materials.

To shed light on the depth and scope of our capabilities, let’s explore detailed case studies that exemplify our approach and the impact of our work within the construction materials sector.

Case Study: Building Products Manufacturer

An Ireland-based manufacturer of drainage products sought to evaluate the Great Britain (GB) market’s potential for their technically superior product, despite the presence of numerous competitors. A critical part of our market research for this construction product involved identifying the most influential customer groups in the selection process, understanding their perceptions of the product’s benefits, and determining the feasibility of a price premium over existing market solutions.

To achieve these goals, we embarked on an extensive telephone market research program, conducting 80 interviews with a diverse group of stakeholders, including engineers, main contractors, civil engineers, ground workers, and local authorities. Complementing this, desk research was performed to analyze competitor products’ credentials and the influence of new legislation on the product approval process.

The insights garnered were instrumental in crafting a strategic entry plan for the GB market, providing the client with a clear roadmap and actionable recommendations for a successful product launch.

Case Study: Specialist Building Materials Supplier

Our engagement with a quarry company seeking to expand its UK market presence for a specialized aggregate led to a subsequent project assessing the U.S. market’s viability for a similar product used in manufacturing high friction surface treatments for roads. This project required a comprehensive understanding of the market size, key industry players, distribution channels, existing product sources, pricing strategies, future trends, and potential sales leads.

To collate this vital information, we utilised a blend of extensive desk research and targeted telephone interviews with industry key players, including trade association representatives, potential customers, manufacturers, and end-users. Our findings culminated in a detailed report that not only outlined the market overview and the magnitude of the opportunity but also recommended the most effective market entry strategy and critical steps for ensuring a successful product introduction in the U.S. market.

These case studies exemplify our methodical and insightful approach to market research and analysis within the construction materials sector. By leveraging both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we are able to provide our clients with a deep understanding of the market dynamics, competitive landscape, and customer preferences. This rich tapestry of insights enables manufacturers and distributors to make informed strategic decisions, from product development and positioning to market entry and expansion strategies.

Our work underscores the importance of rigorous market research in uncovering opportunities, navigating challenges, and driving successful outcomes in the construction and building products industries. Through our specialised services, we empower clients to achieve their strategic objectives, ensuring they are well-positioned to capitalise on market opportunities and achieve sustained growth.

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