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Surveys in the Construction Market

In the realm of construction and building products industries, understanding the market through comprehensive surveys is a cornerstone of strategic decision-making. Our expertise lies deeply rooted in this sector, offering a suite of services tailored to enhance market understanding and business performance. These services encompass market surveys, customer research, market analysis, product forecasting, and customer service measurement, all designed to provide actionable insights for manufacturers, contractors, and service companies. Our portfolio boasts successful collaborations with leading names such as Colas, Miller, Gerflor, Severn Trent, Burgess Ceilings, and BRE, reflecting our capability and commitment to delivering value.

Our experience spans a diverse range of projects, each aimed at solving specific market challenges and uncovering opportunities for our clients. To illustrate the breadth and depth of our work, let’s delve into detailed case studies that showcase our approach to conducting surveys in the construction market.

Case Study: Flooring Accessories Manufacturer

A leading UK manufacturer and supplier of flooring accessories sought to deepen their market understanding. Their objectives were clear: to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, evaluate their competitive standing, understand the selection criteria of flooring contractors, architects, property managers, and construction companies, and gauge the market awareness of their new product lines.

To achieve these goals, we conducted a telephone survey of 300 respondents, encompassing both customers and non-customers. This approach yielded critical data, enabling the client to enhance their customer service and identify strategic areas for development. Importantly, it also highlighted the weaknesses of their competitors, providing a strategic advantage.

Case Study: M&E Contractor Market Expansion

A prominent M&E contractor, with a significant footprint in the South East, contemplated regional expansion. Before making any substantial investments, they sought our expertise to validate the market opportunity. We embarked on a comprehensive research study, employing an in-depth telephone survey with 40 key stakeholders in the M&E services procurement process. Our survey focused on open-ended questions to extract detailed insights into the factors that influence the procurement of services, the development of business relationships, and the prevailing market trends.

Our research was augmented with an extensive analysis of construction activity in the target markets, culminating in a market forecast model for the next three years. This model identified potential hotspots for M&E services, providing a clear picture of the market size and opportunities.

The findings revealed significant barriers to entry but also indicated a recovering market receptive to new entrants. Presented to the client’s senior management, these insights informed their strategic planning process. Ultimately, the decision was made against expansion, based on a meticulous assessment of the potential return on investment against the required outlay for establishing a regional presence.

These case studies exemplify the critical role that tailored market surveys play in navigating the complexities of the construction industry. By leveraging targeted research methodologies and in-depth analysis, we empower our clients with the knowledge to make informed strategic decisions. Whether it’s identifying market trends, understanding customer preferences, evaluating competitive positions, or assessing new market opportunities, our surveys provide the foundational insights necessary for success in the dynamic construction market.

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