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Cement Market Research, Analysis and Report

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Market Research and Reports on the Cement market

We focus our research and market analysis services predominantly on the construction and building products sector. We have significant experience working in the cement sector, having worked for the main industry body (The Concrete Centre/Mineral Products Association) on multiple projects over the past 15 years. We have also worked for other cement manufacturers on market analysis and research projects and so know the sector well.

Case Study: Analysis and Research on the UK Cement Market

This client, a cement manufacturer, wished to expand their operations in the UK. There were several opportunities to set up operations at ports to land the cement. The client wished to identify the port with the greatest market potential within specific radii of the port. Location is key because of the haulage costs associated with cement.

We carried out a major desk research and telephone interview exercise to identify the number of businesses within specific sectors who could potentially be new customers and the volumes of cement involved. We were able to exclude those businesses with a low chance of becoming a new customer through telephone research. We then assessed the turnover of the businesses to identify the potential sales revenue of each port location.

Case Study: Market Research on Cement and Concrete

For over five years we worked with the TCC (The Concrete Centre) who are sponsored by the main cement manufacturers in the UK. Each quarter we prepared a report on the construction market and an assessment of key trends in particular the growth or decline of cementitious products. Part of the work involved an extensive analysis of building projects in the residential and commercial sectors to assess the market share of different building materials eg concrete, timber, steel. We looked at key trends in the market within each construction sector (eg offices, health, education, residential) and carried out 350 telephone interviews per quarter ie 1,400 pa. We have developed a sophisticated model to handle and manipulate the data. The telephone interviews are carried out with architects, designers, construction companies and government departments.

Case Study: Market Report on the Cement Market

This client wished to identify the use of cement and related products within each of 16 sub sectors in the construction market and assess the rate of growth or decline over the preceding 3 years. Examples of subsectors include flats of 5 storeys and above, non-domestic buildings over 1 storey and domestic housing with basements. We used a combination of government published data and our own research data to provide the required analysis which helped the client target its key marketing activities for the following year.

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