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Roofing Products Market Research, Analysis and Reports

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In our extensive experience within the construction sector, we’ve honed our expertise in conducting market research specifically tailored to the nuances of roofing materials, including roof tiles and other related products. Our background not only spans various studies in this area but also includes practical operational experience in the distribution of roofing materials, giving us a unique perspective on both the market demands and the distribution challenges faced by manufacturers and suppliers.

Insight into Roofing Products Market

Our focused research efforts have led to valuable insights for businesses looking to innovate or expand their foothold in the roofing products market. This is exemplified through detailed case studies that showcase our approach to understanding market dynamics, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes.

Case Study: Market Analysis for Recycled Roof Slate

One notable project involved developing a business plan for an artificial roof slate product made from recycled materials, funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). The comprehensive market analysis aimed to assess various critical factors, including:

  • Market Size and Segmentation: Understanding the distribution of market demand for roof slates by type and identifying potential growth areas.
  • Product Positioning: Evaluating the suitability and perceived market position of the rubber-plastic slate compared to existing alternatives.
  • Competitive Landscape: Analysing competing products in terms of market share, unit pricing, and installed cost.
  • Pricing Strategy: Formulating a strategy to capture market share from established roofing products.
  • Competitive Advantage: Highlighting the benefits of a complete roofing solution offered by related rubber-plastic products like hips, valleys, and eaves tiles.
  • Market Adoption: Estimating the likely adoption rate, especially in market segments where substitution could be easily implemented.

A critical aspect of this research was determining the product’s competitiveness in the low to mid-price segments of the roofing market, where roofing contractors play a significant role in product selection. To address this, we conducted face-to-face interviews, allowing contractors to physically evaluate prototype products, alongside a broader telephone survey complemented by mailing product samples to selected respondents to gather comprehensive feedback.

Case Study: Service Level Analysis for Roofing Manufacturer

Following a merger, a leading roofing manufacturer experienced customer feedback indicating a decline in service levels. To safeguard their market position, it was imperative to understand customer expectations, assess performance relative to competitors, and identify areas for improvement. The research aimed to:

  • Identify Critical Service Moments: Pinpointing the top service aspects that matter most to various customer groups and areas needing enhancement.
  • Benchmarking Against Competitors: Evaluating the company’s performance against the industry’s best to set a benchmark for excellence.
  • Service Failure Insights: Collecting anecdotal evidence on service shortcomings and suggestions for improvement.
  • Strategic Market Analysis Measures: Advising on the implementation of strategic market analysis measures to continuously monitor and improve service levels.

The findings revealed significant discrepancies in perceived service quality, with some customers rating the service as excellent while others found it lacking in several critical aspects. Notably, customers of the company’s newer cladding product ranges expressed greater dissatisfaction with service levels.

Conclusion: Driving Success Through Informed Decisions

These case studies underscore the importance of detailed market research and analysis in the roofing products sector. By deeply understanding market size, competitive dynamics, customer preferences, and service expectations, businesses can make informed strategic decisions that enhance product offerings and elevate service levels. Our recommendations, based on rigorous analysis and direct customer feedback, have guided clients toward actionable strategies for market expansion, competitive positioning, and service excellence. This approach not only helps maintain customer loyalty but also positions our clients for sustained growth and success in the competitive construction and building products industries.

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