Case Study

Measuring Customer Service Performance and Net Promoter Score for a Multinational Laboratory Organisation

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A major provider of environmental and laboratory services, operating on a multinational scale, required Leading Edge to launch a project to measure and enhance their customer service performance. This long-term project, spanning over a decade, was aimed at assessing service performance across all business sectors and tracking changes over time.

Project Objectives: Continuous Assessment of Service Quality

The primary goals of this initiative were twofold, firstly, to consistently measure the client’s service performance across various business segments, ensuring a high standard of service delivery and secondly, to monitor performance changes over time, identifying both improvements and areas needing attention. This ongoing evaluation was crucial for maintaining service excellence and adapting to evolving customer needs.

Methodology: Regular Customer Feedback and Detailed Analysis

To achieve these objectives, our team implemented a regular quarterly interview and reporting program. Each quarter, a sample of 20 to 30 customers were interviewed, providing a steady stream of feedback. This consistent approach over a period of more than ten years allowed for a comprehensive and evolving understanding of customer perceptions and experiences. The results from these interviews were meticulously documented, presented in both verbatim and standardised Excel spreadsheet formats, enabling full data interrogation and analysis.

Outcomes: Understanding and Improving Service Delivery

The information gathered through this process was instrumental in comparing service performance across different sites and identifying key learning points. It allowed the company to measure the impact of various initiatives implemented to improve service levels. Moreover, the qualitative feedback obtained from customers was used to address and resolve specific service issues, tailoring solutions to meet customer needs effectively.

Conclusion: Long-Term Commitment to Service Excellence

This study demonstrates the importance of a long-term, consistent approach to measuring and enhancing customer service. By regularly engaging with customers and thoroughly analysing their feedback, the multinational laboratory organisation was able to maintain a high standard of service, adapt to changing needs, and continuously improve. This ongoing commitment to assessing and refining service performance has been a key factor in the company’s ability to provide exceptional service in a competitive industry.

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