Case Study

Customer Satisfaction and Strategic Analysis for Utilities Infrastructure Provider

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Leading Edge was approached by a prominent parent company overseeing three subsidiaries specialising in the design, construction, ownership, and operation of infrastructure utilities. The client’s goal was multifaceted: they wanted a deep dive into customer satisfaction across each of their subsidiaries, and Net Promoter Score calculated. In addition, they required a thorough understanding of customer perceptions, and an evaluation of key performance areas such as value for money, efficiency, communication, quality, and innovation in utility services. Additionally, they aimed to uncover what set their subsidiaries apart and understand their broader positive impacts, particularly in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social contributions.

Methodology: A Blend of Quantitative and Qualitative Insights

To achieve these objectives, Leading Edge employed a robust methodology combining both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. 100 detailed telephone interviews with current customers of the client’s subsidiaries were conducted. This method ensured a personal touch, allowing for in-depth conversations and richer data collection compared to standard surveys. Our approach involved structured questions designed to elicit specific feedback on customer satisfaction and the Net Promotor Score. Additionally, targeted questions were included to understand customer perceptions and gather qualitative feedback on what made each subsidiary unique and their broader impact on the environment and society.

Comprehensive Analysis and Insights

Qualitative feedback was analysed to identify common themes and unique attributes of each subsidiary. The quantitative data, particularly the NPS, provided a clear metric of customer loyalty and satisfaction. By triangulating these data points, we were able to deliver a detailed understanding of customer experiences and perceptions within infrastructure utility services.

Strategic Benefits for the Client

The insights provided by Leading Edge had substantial benefits for the client. Firstly, the comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction across all three subsidiaries enabled targeted improvements. By knowing precisely where each subsidiary excelled or fell short, the client could tailor their strategies to enhance customer experiences more effectively. Secondly, the detailed perceptions of value, efficiency, communication, quality, and innovation offered the client a roadmap for refining their service delivery and operational processes. This granular feedback was instrumental in highlighting the unique strengths of each subsidiary, which could then be leveraged in marketing strategies to differentiate them in the utilities infrastructure market.

Finally, the research enhanced the client’s understanding of their brand reputation and the strategic advantage of being part of a larger group. This knowledge is crucial for strategic planning, allowing the client to position their group brand effectively within the utilities infrastructure sector and capitalise on the strengths of their subsidiaries.

In conclusion, Leading Edge’s comprehensive market research provided the client with actionable insights that drove both strategic and operational improvements. By meticulously gathering and analysing customer feedback, a clear, detailed understanding of the client’s market position, strengths, and areas for growth, ultimately guiding them towards enhanced customer satisfaction and market differentiation.

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