Case Study

Strategic Market Analysis for a Building Material Supplier

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Leading Edge was approached by a regional building material supplier with the need to better understand their position in a competitive market. This supplier, aiming to bolster their market share and refine their strategic approach, sought comprehensive insights into several key areas. These included identifying market positioning, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current players, assessing key selection criteria for building material suppliers, and exploring the potential for a click-and-collect shopping environment alongside interest in e-commerce.

Deep Dive into Market Dynamics

To meet the client’s objectives, Leading Edge conducted interviews with 101 respondents, all of whom were tradespeople representing a wide spectrum of customer types within the building supplies industry. The respondents were carefully categorized into 12 distinct customer types, with particular focus given to four key types for additional in-depth analysis. This segmentation allowed for a more detailed understanding of the market dynamics and the specific needs and behaviours of different customer groups.

Strategic Insights and Competitive Analysis

One of the primary benefits for the client was the actionable insights gleaned from the research. The analysis revealed the underlying reasons tradespeople chose specific suppliers for their construction needs, shedding light on the key drivers behind these decisions. This information was crucial for identifying areas where the client could enhance their building product offerings to better meet customer needs. Additionally, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors were highlighted, offering the client a roadmap to exploit market gaps and improve their performance.

Continuous Improvement and Market Tracking

In addition to the immediate insights and recommendations, Leading Edge emphasised the importance of ongoing market monitoring. The client was advised to implement tracking mechanisms for market share, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and regular feedback from their customer base. This continuous monitoring would enable the client to stay attuned to market changes and customer sentiment, ensuring they could swiftly adapt their strategies to maintain a competitive edge as a distributor.

Overall, the project provided the building material supplier with a robust foundation of market intelligence. By understanding their current position, identifying opportunities for growth, and implementing strategies for continuous improvement, the client was well-equipped to enhance their market presence and drive future success. Leading Edge’s thorough and methodical approach ensured that the client could make informed, strategic decisions grounded in comprehensive market analysis.

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