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Leading Edge Management Consultancy Limited

Nick Hollaway - Consultant

The level of responsibility given to new graduates certainly snapped me out of my post university haze. At Leading Edge, you can look forward to tasks such as writing articles for clients and magazines (after having done some desk research) or preparing reports and presentations that offer expert guidance and advice to clients. This might involve anything from analysing future market sizes and trends through to operating a strategy that helps supply chains align themselves with the clients 'real' expectations and requirements.

So far I have worked on two different client projects, and experienced many different aspects of the company's day to day running. These include attending internal company meetings on quality, marketing and web design through to managing the company's marketing and knowledge databases. Combine this with travelling to see clients or analysing research data for company products and you get a fairly good idea of what the rest of my year is going to be like (and that's not forgetting the Marketing Diploma I will be studying for at the local college).

For those looking to develop a good understanding of the marketing profession and construction industry, Leading Edge has the in-house expertise and knowledge to take your career in the right direction. All your work colleagues take care to guide you through the daily challenges for the benefit of your personal development. The fact that the chief executive and managing director sit next to you, means you are continually gaining valuable knowledge and experience at the highest level.

It is a definite bonus walking through the office door into a job where you never look at your watch to see how far off 5 o'clock is. This is mainly due to the fact that consultancy work is so varied, and challenges a different area of your skills and personality every day. It may be hard work, but I am certainly looking forward to developing new skills and creating ideas with the rest of the team.

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