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Eur Ing Tony Sagoo - BSc MBA CEng Chartered Engineer

Beware your goals, as they may come true! What happens then? Well, I've never figured out why, but I wanted to be a Chartered Engineer from the age of six. I doggedly pursued this goal, through thick and thin, challenging and breaking the rules set out in the ICE Training Agreement! Having got to the dizzy heights of becoming chartered, I began thinking "this is nice, but what do I do next?"

Well I had already followed the advice of my maverick university lecturer of marrying my girlfriend before he did (never was sure about him) and getting chartered, so I thought I'd pursue his third nugget of advice of getting an MBA. This was the start of a journey of personal development, which some so-called friends have called a "midlife crisis!" It's certainly involves a deep review of personal and business goal setting, with the need for continuous learning and self-improvement issues of fundamental interest to me that are helping me to pursue my new life goals.

Having worked in contracting, consultancy and product sales within construction, I have gained a pretty wide and varied experience of the industry. At its best, it can be perhaps the most satisfying industry to work in, where your efforts contribute towards a tangible outcome such as a building or structure, no matter how big or small. At worst, the industry still has a long way to go before it sheds some of the outdated practices and conservatism that holds it back and limits innovation, employee motivation and superior profits. This is where my business interests lie assisting clients to achieve the goals and objectives they need and desire. Through the rigor and impartiality of management consultancy, dramatic improvement can be achieved by organisations that develop the culture, vision, drive and employee support to move forward collectively.

At home, my wife and three children keep me occupied with their project management demands no rest for the wicked. I'm encouraged that my two boys seem to be heading for greater footballing achievements than my humble collection of medals, whilst my daughter can't understand the point of getting dirty chasing a silly ball around and would far rather show off her gymnastics ability. My wife's sporting achievements were substantially boosted this winter when she managed to get down the pistes on skis, rather than on her backside or by walking however, I sense we may be going somewhere hot next winter instead!

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