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Philip Kerr BCom (Hons)

My greatest personal achievement to date was organising a specialist student mountain bike holiday to Morzine in the French Alps, it took months of planning and numerous ‘business trips’ to University bars, but eventually ‘Over The Bars’ was launched. Apart from being great fun, I think the sense of achievement I gained from co-ordinating a project from conception to completion gave me the impetus to learn more about marketing and management strategy.

After a recent trip to Italy in the summer, I would like to recommend to you Bologna as a place to visit. Close enough to be able to sample the dramatic scenery of the Alps and Italy’s northern lakes, the city centre contains unique, red brick architecture that dates back to the 11th Century. A must see is the cathedral in the main piazza which was initially designed to be bigger than St. Paul’s, however half way through building it the Pope ran out of money and construction was stopped; literally part way through the windows on each wing. Most importantly though the food in Bologna is fantastic! Known in Italy as ‘the fat’ even the smaller restaurants know how to provide a proper portion!

Since joining leading Edge I have had involvement at every stage of project management, from briefing to presentation, in various marketing disciplines including Research, marcomms and Strategy. The level of responsibility and client exposure provides for a rewarding working experience that would not be possible in a larger firm.

My main aim over the next twelve months is to go on to achieve the CIM post-grad diploma, which I started in September. The culture within Leading Edge is very supportive to professional development and the opportunity to learn on the job is part of that development. Over the coming twelve months I hope to take on more project responsibility, contribute more added value and take home more money!


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