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Nick Hollaway BEng, DipM, MCIM

I’ve been at Leading Edge for over six years, with my time on-site working for a contractor on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link well behind me. My career with Leading Edge is progressing well and has given me a detailed insight into most construction sectors a wide range of challenging marketing projects.

My main areas of expertise include; customer market research, working with clients on their customer service improvement programmes, customer based segmentation projects, website evaluation research and undertaking ‘proof of concept’ studies for new products. I also have experience of working on several projects that involved developing a full marketing strategy and communication plan for construction and manufacturing companies.

As I also oversee the Leading Edge website, one recent project really captured my imagination. A new client had realised that their website was lagging behind those of some of their main competitors. Before making a significant investment in the new website, they wisely asked us to review what their key stakeholders wanted to see and get from it.

Our research showed what customers and other stakeholders are really looking for and what makes them want to return. A detailed hunt around the on-line world of the construction industry revealed that very few companies are actually doing this well.

The opportunity to get ahead is there if you can offer something relevant and engaging to your key stakeholders! However, it is apparent that websites are now seen as a vital part of a company’s overall communication strategy, and that its impact is growing in importance and influence when engaging with key stakeholders.

The summer months proved a real challenge with the company moving to the new Wokingham offices, which I was in charge of overseeing. I am pleased to say that everything went smoothly and we have now settled in to our new environment.

Elsewhere, I am working away at collecting my CPD hours now that I am a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The end goal is to be Chartered Marketer and I have found that the CPD helps to keep me up to date with the latest marketing developments and assists me with developing the skills sets I need to continue to grow as a marketing consultant and manager.

In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching various sports, and I hope to be spending more time on my mountain bike and surf board now that I have moved out of London. I am also looking forward to potentially taking my first step on the property ladder next year, if the mortgage market ever picks up again!

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