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Chris Hadley BSc (Hons) DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer

My association with Leading Edge spans just over a decade. Acting as one of their franchise holders, I’ve been closely involved with the development of the environmental side of the company’s business. While it is fair to say this was an area where the company held an interest prior to this I have hopefully done a great deal to make Leading Edge one of the first choice marketing consultancies for those in this sector.

My philosophy in working in the sector has been one of delivering clarity and understanding. Having come from a large consultancy background I know how the client can often be forgotten especially when it comes to offering practical advice. The result is that this approach has been key in developing the environmental and related energy business over the past decade. Clients range from those in the public sector to private concerns operating in the market of all sizes.

A key feature of what the team at Leading Edge offer is their dedication and understanding of client needs. This perhaps is to be expected from a small consultancy immersed in the needs of particular market segments. It is also a reflection of the background of many of those working with Leading Edge who have served their apprenticeship clientside and thus have an appreciation of what works.

As for myself well I’m the one up north. By this I’m based out of Manchester and thus you might not be surprised to hear that I’m not always at the main office. Nevertheless with the power of modern communications, and the desire to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible, the whole system works very well.

I’ve two daughters aged 11 and 9 and as you can expect many evenings in the week seem to involve some sort of taxi service.

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