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Bridget Poulter DipM MCIM

I must confess to having a wee bit of a 'soap box' moment currently on the subject of branding - not because I don't believe in branding as I do - just that companies seem to think a new name will be a panacea for their ills. I'm sure I don't need to tell you all that, just look at the recent Consignia train of events.

The more I work on projects, the more I see how much can be learned from disparate companies and how that experience can be applied to other distinct sectors. Consistent themes, opportunities and challenges recur - all that differs is the product. Behaviours and patterns of communication don't really change despite the wide diversity of companies in the construction sector. I believe it all boils down to 'values' in the end and it's nowhere more obvious than with the thorny issue of branding.

The construction sector, with it's emphasis on service and customer satisfaction on a grand scale, makes branding especially important. In the world of consumer goods, if someone dislikes a product and feels they've been sold on hype they may not buy it again but, it's unlikely to dent a large hole in FMCG company's profits. When you compare brand switching on that small scale with the havoc 'brand' dissatisfaction can wreak in construction projects worth £ms, and where reputations can be broken with ease, I'm sure you'll agree that establishing a firm set of values and ensuring everything you do reaffirms and enhances them, is an absolute must. Well, I'll step down from my soapbox now…

On a lighter note, I've also discovered that the practical information I've garnered has crept into my 'outside' life. I've started to identify different types of paving materials and street lighting, and can talk with some depth about concrete and cement. According to my husband it makes a pleasant change from Egyptian dance! All I need to learn now is the off-side rule!


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