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Continuing professional development

Undertaking Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and meeting the requirements can be a useful tool in your career - if you approach it in the right way.

Most of us belong to an institute that demands we undertake CPD, and in theory we realise that it is the right thing to do. But it's very tempting to just make up the hours without making sure you benefit from using it to help you do your job better.

A better strategy would be to identify what gaps there are between your skill and knowledge base now and those you will need in the future, just like any good marketing plan. This will enable you to focus on the areas which bring the greatest benefits to you. This process is crucial, but many people don't actively plan it out.

Then you then need to select the most appropriate CPD certified material to get you where you want to go and in the format that suits you best. Business management and processes change very rapidly so it is vital that you are monitoring your CPD plan to ensure it is meeting your needs in relation to your end goals.

As we are a member of the CPD Certification Service, our White Papers, Case Studies, Workshops and Construction & Building Materials Forecast are all eligible for CPD hours. The papers tackle a range of areas affecting the construction industry today, such as 'branding', 'CRM' and 'market and segmentation' issues. We also provide Briefing Notes showing how Leading Edge has approached these issues. These papers give advice and guidance built up from years of experience within the construction industry. Some can be downloaded from our website or from the CPD Certification Service at

If you register with us we will keep you up to date with new material as we issue it. Click here to register for our CPD certified White Papers and Case Studies.

To view our current list of CPD certified material, click here.

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