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More businesses need to set aside time where the big issues of the future can be evaluated objectively together. For this reason we have devised a 2-day management development programme where you can revisit market drivers and competitive position, and develop your strategy further. These organisation-specific workshops offer management the opportunity to 'plug and play' with the strategic marketing tools we use ourselves. You will use your own data to devise a strategy for your unit in real-time. The diagram below gives you an idea of what the outcome could be.

By the end of workshop you will have developed the ways your company should approach your markets and provide the following recommendations:

  • the attractiveness of your present and potential markets
  • benchmark your position in those markets compared with your competitors
  • how to respond to competitive threats
  • how to address the best opportunities

Other marketing workshops available can help:

  • salesmen develop their key account management skills
  • staff to understand what marketing is
  • you focus on customers needs.

We can also deliver seminars on wider marketing topics like CRM, or the future of the industry.

Case Study - Marketing Workshops

Our client had last undertaken a major strategic review two years previously, since when competitors had acquired new businesses, developed new services and new legislation was pending. The directors decided that an away-day to think through the issues they faced and the scenarios they might encounter was required. They asked Leading Edge for help in facilitating a two-day programme.

We suggested that they followed the principle stages of the strategic planning process, by reviewing the external environment sector by sector looking at the full range of services that they might offer and where competitors were positioned. To get to this point we managed a brainstorming session and wrote a software application to enable a real time portfolio analysis to be performed by each of the three workgroups. To inject additional interest we suggested that a customer presented his views on the changing needs from a commercial perspective and a solicitor presented a view of the impending legislation. By the end of the two days, the directors had a good idea of the markets that they needed to penetrate and the services they needed to develop to position the business ahead of the competition.

What our clients have said about the Management Development Programmes we have held for them:

  • "Many, many thanksthe event was extremely well received"
  • "Focused knowledge of the construction industry"
  • "A very useful first step,we need to take on board and move forward"
  • "How many (more) project managers and division heads could benefit from attendance?"

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