Construction Market & Sales Forecasting

How to approach construction market and sales forecasting

Developing a robust forecast for your market and sales gives you a more solid foundation for your planning than “gut feel”. The forecast will help in the budgeting process and in the allocation of sales and marketing resources.

Our approach is to use one of the following types of forecast models:

  • Causal forecasting models – based on the relationship between the variable to be forecast (eg sales or market size) and an independent variable (eg new orders, rate of interest or construction output)
  • Time series forecasting models – uses historical data as a means of forecasting future outcomes
  • Qualitative forecasting – based on the educated opinions of selected persons with a knowledge of the market or company.

Our experience in construction market and sales forecasting

We can help you with all your sales and market forecasting requirements as we have;.

  • over 20 years’ experience of construction forecasts
  • specialist forecasting software and a proven methodology
  • the ability to provide you with a working forecast model to enable you to view various “what if” scenarios
  • the insight from producing a 6 monthly construction forecast, one of the leading construction forecasts available

Our track record in market & sales forecasting

Find out more about our market & sales forecasting experience including past clients, case studies and testimonials

Leading Edge developed two forecasting models for us, the first to forecast total UK construction output by sector and the other to forecast our own sales by product group. We were extremely pleased with the work, the models give us more confidence and we use them in our business planning. We would definitely recommend using Leading Edge, they have added significant value to our forecasting process.

Marketing Director, Speedy Hire