Customer service benchmarking and Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the construction industry

How to approach customer service benchmarking

Customer service can best be improved through people, processes and an organisation’s culture.

However, the understanding of how this can be done relies on collecting data at an operational level.  These are what we call the customer interaction points, where changing and improving your approach to customer service can have the biggest impact.

We can offer you a number of approaches to measuring customer service:

NPS - Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is easy way of measuring the overall performance of your company through your customer’s eyes. You can track customer service performance at a top level with a single easy to understand figure by asking a sample of your customers the following question:

“How likely are you to recommend ABC to others if asked, where 10 is very likely and 1 is very unlikely.”

Customers are then classified into the following categories:

Promoters: customers who scored 9 – 10
Passives: customers who scored 7 – 8
Detractors: customers who scored 1 - 6

The NPS is equal to the percentage of promoters minus the % of detractors. In the B2B market an average score is around 5 – 20% with top performing companies achieving 40% plus.

When measuring your NPS, its a good idea to ask customers for the reasons behind the score to enable you to identify any actions required.

Typically companies within the construction sector use the NPS in one of the following ways:

  • To track progress on customer performance – often when implementing programmes to improve customer service
  • To benchmark against their competitors – to ensure they are keeping up with or ahead of their competitors
  • To identify areas of weakness - to enable them to take targeted action to address these weaknesses

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ACE – Audit of customer expectations

ACE is a bespoke market research programme which allows you to:

  • Measure your customer’s expectations and perceptions
  • Identify what your customers expect from your company and how they rate you against your competitors on the key service issues that really matter
  • Drive service performance and improve retention rates.

Customer quotes provide powerful insights behind the numbers.

CusTrak – On-going customer service tracking and reporting

CusTrack is a cost effective bespoke tracking programme for on-going customer research. 

  • Highly flexible, with the output highlighting the performance of specific service factors over a given period
  • Verbatim reports allow customer insights to be analysed in detail
  • The output drives on-going service improvements, improving business performance.

Our experience in construction customer service benchmarking

We are well qualified to help you in benchmarking customer service having:

  • Completed over 30 projects with more than 10,000 customer service interviews
  • Proven experience in the construction, construction products and environmental industries, allowing us to quickly understand the key issues and deliver customer insights.

Our track record in customer service measurement

Find out more about our customer service benchmarking experience which includes past clients, case studies and testimonials.

"I was impressed with the analysis and how Leading Edge presented the results of this benchmarking project. I will be communicating the findings across my team to help drive service improvements."

Commercial Manager, Devon NHS