An effective construction marketing strategy helps you focus on the priorities of your business and should be based on an excellent understanding of your market, customers and competitors. The marketing plan can then be developed as the tool to implement the strategy.

Our Approach to Developing a Construction Marketing Strategy and Plan

Our focus and knowledge of the construction and building materials market helps you develop your strategy and plan for this sector. The stages in developing a construction marketing strategy and plan include:

  1. Define your marketing objectives
  2. Review the external market and your business
  3. Develop the marketing strategic options and agree on the strategy
  4. Develop the marketing plan – to implement the strategy
  5. Review strategy and plan.

Typically, a marketing strategy will only need revising every 3 – 4 years while a marketing plan should be revisited several times a year.

For more help in developing a marketing strategy and plan, download some useful papers here.

Our Experience in Construction Marketing Strategy and Planning

We are well qualified to help you develop a sales and marketing strategy and plan for your business as we have:

  • director level operational experience in developing the sales and marketing strategy for many companies in the construction and environmental sectors
  • strategic consulting experience with Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • detailed knowledge of the construction, building materials and environmental industries to help form the foundation of the strategy.

Our Track Record

Here are just a few examples of other projects we have completed. Many more case studies are available if required.