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customer relationship management

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"faster, smarter, but is it working?"
(Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield University)

Implementing software driven CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems is difficult, judging by the experience of others. It is often bought as an extra module on the back of a SAP system, literally 'while we're at it'. Research by vSente suggests that 80% of CRM systems' fail to meet expectations. Evidence suggests that often there is:

  • more data than can be handled
  • not the right data sets for decision-making
  • no 'buy-in' from 'front-line' sales staff.

Experience suggests that you should first have:

  • researched customers to get a clear idea of how their buying behaviour and motivation varies. Then you can group them accordingly
  • implemented key account management to define the way in which customers want to be handled
  • defined a clear development plan, starting with a simple CRM system, that can be developed with experience and need.
Leading Edge has proven expertise in helping clients in these areas and minimising the risks inherent in major investment decisions.

Our CRM Partner

KMS specialises in CRM sales & marketing IT solutions for the Construction industry. Directly supplying this unique market for over 17 years, KMS is dedicated to serving the needs of the industry.

Case Study - Customer segmentation

Leading Edge carried out a market research project to measure customer service levels from a clients new call centre. The research identified several areas in need of improvement, so they asked us to undertake a review of the centres operation and processes.

We interviewed key staff and found that the lack of any knowledge management covering product details, customers delivery needs and forward specifications was a major issue.

We also mapped the customer journey to identify process improvements. Our recommendations were wide ranging, from quick fixes to the order screens through to structural issues of who did what and where they sat.

On the basis of this, we were able to provide an outline for the further development of the CRM system to solve a number of planning and service issues.

What our clients have said when using us for Customer Relationship Management:

  • "This helped to focus our efforts in the right areas and define our system needs."

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