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flooring experience & case studies

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Our flooring experience

Leading Edge works with flooring manufacturers, importers, distributors and investment banks in the areas of market research, sales, marketing, distribution, strategy and business development.

We have worked with over 20 clients in the flooring industry covering a range of floor types including wood, vinyl, carpet, ceramic and laminate.

Mel Budd is our flooring market expert. He has a blend of operational and consultancy experience in the UK flooring market having worked at Board Director level for a major flooring manufacturer, Tarkett, as well as carrying out numerous consultancy projects within the sector. His experience in the flooring market provides our clients with practical and realistic answers to their issues.

Case studies

Listed below are examples of previous consultancy projects we have carried out in the flooring industry.

Analysing the carpet tile market in Ireland

This project involved telephone interview programmes with flooring contractors and architect and trade interviews with carpet tile manufacturers and distributors. We then assessed key characteristics of the market including size, growth and share by brand and service ratings of each manufacturer.

Assessing the flooring adhesives market

For this project we conducted detailed trade research, telephone interviews and internet searches to provide a detailed analysis on the market size, competitors, market share and customer groups. We also assessed the key routes to market and provided an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the key players.

Assessment of the residential flooring market in the UK, Germany and Australia

A flooring manufacturer wanted to assess three key national markets prior to investing in product launch costs. We identified the critical factors for success in the markets and assessed market issues, routes to market, market size, key players and share. We recommended to the client not to proceed with the product launch due to low profitability prospects.

Developing a UK distribution strategy for a Scandinavian vinyl flooring manufacturer

We worked with this client to develop a distribution strategy for the UK market and identified a list of potential sales partners in the UK based on agreed criteria. The existing arrangement was not working well and the client wished to reassess the strategy. We carried out research on partners, provided an initial evaluation, project managed the overall process and arranged meetings with potential partners in order to set up long term relationship. The new sales partner is now up and running.

Launching a bamboo flooring product in the UK for overseas manufacturer

We identified the potential within the UK market for the launch of this Far East manufactured product. We delivered recommendations on the criteria for potential sales partners and worked on initial sales and marketing plan. We also carried out searches for potential distributors of the flooring range.

Market research into self levelling and smoothing compounds

This involved carrying out a market research programme involving interviews with flooring contractors in order to identify the key characteristics of the market. We then provided the client with information on the routes to market, main suppliers, market share, option count and attitudes towards each brand.

Assessment of the UK commercial luxury vinyl tile market

For this project we carried out interviews with flooring contractors, architects, distributors and manufacturers to produce an assessment of the commercial luxury vinyl tile market. We provided the customer with an analysis of the market structure, market size, key trends and assessed attitudes towards main manufacturers. We also profiled the range mix for each of the main suppliers.

Effective product launch in the UK market

We worked with this client on the launch of an LVT range within the UK market and the profit potential of such a move. For this project we assessed the market and changes in the competitive environment in recent years. We then worked out the projected market share potential and profit margins based upon a recommended marketing strategy. We then went on and identified key actions and proposed the most effective market positioning for the range.

Wood flooring market investment research

This project involved worked closely with an investment bank looking to invest in this industry. We provided then with a summary of the market profitability, profile of key players and main trends within the market. This included imported volumes from the Far East and price deflation estimates. We also made a number of recommendations on the long term profitability of key players in the market.

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