Chris Hadley

Chris Hadley, Leading Edge, Environmental and Utilities

Chris Hadley

B Sc, DipM, MCIM

Research Manager / Researcher

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Chris has been closely involved with the environmental and utilities side of Leading Edge’s business for over 15 years.

During that time he has done a great deal to make the company one of the leading marketing consultancies working in this specialised market place.

Prior to joining the Leading Edge team Chris worked for the Birmingham based consultancy ECOTEC, where he was primarily involved in strategic business consulting and research, and also as a technical expert for UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation). He has worked with over thirty organisations in the environmental and energy sector, including several customers with whom we have worked for a number of years.

Our environmental and energy clients include government departments (such as UK Trade and Industry and EISU), regional development agencies, water & energy utilities, major waste & environmental service companies as well as smaller organisations in the private sector. Chris’ down to earth and pragmatic approach has won favour with both SME’s and larger organisations.