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Capability Statement

Leading Edge Management Consultancy Limited has professional indemnity cover.

The company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1984, and our professional code of conduct meets the requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Market research projects are carried out in compliance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct of April 1998, which is in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. As individuals, we also comply with the Code of Professional Standards, Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures (1997) of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Leading Edge Code of Professional Conduct

The Leading Edge Code of Professional Conduct is structured on three basic principles dealing with:

  • High standards of service to the client.
  • Independence, objectivity and integrity
  • Responsibility to the management consultancy profession.


The consultant shall carry out the duties he has undertaken for his client diligently, conscientiously and with due regard to the public interest.

The consultant will only accept an engagement for which he is suitably qualified.

The work to be carried out shall be clearly described and agreed in writing with the client. The consultant will not undertake work for client unless he is satisfied that he has sufficient competent resources to carry it out effectively and efficiently; furthermore he will undertake to hold all information concerning a client's affairs as strictly confidential.

The consultant will develop recommendations specifically for the solution of each client's problems. Such solutions shall be realistic and practicable and clearly understandable by the client. Furthermore, to ensure efficient performance of the assignment, the consultant will exercise good management through careful planning, frequent progress reviews and effective controls.


The consultant will avoid any action or situation inconsistent with his professional obligations or which in any way might be seen to impair his integrity.

For this purpose the consultant will maintain a fully independent position with the client at all times, making certain that advice and recommendations are based on thorough and impartial consideration of all pertinent facts and circumstances and on opinion developed from reliable relevant experience.

The consultant will not serve a client in circumstances which might impair his independence, objectivity or integrity and will inform the client immediately should such circumstances arise in the course of an assignment; furthermore, he will reserve the right to withdraw if circumstances beyond his control develop to interfere with the successful conduct of the assignment.

The consultant will discuss and agree with the client any significant changes in the objectives, scope, approach, anticipated benefits or other aspects of the assignment which might arise during the course of carrying it out.


The consultant shall at all times conduct himself in a manner which will enhance the standing and public regard of the management consultancy profession.

For this purpose he will ensure that his knowledge and skills are kept up to date and he will not knowingly or without permission use copyright material or proprietary data.

The consultant will negotiate agreements and charges for professional services only in an ethical and professional manner.

This code complies with the requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants' Code of Professional Conduct.

Y2k Readiness Statement

We have audited the following to the satisfaction of board of directors and our external quality auditors:

  • Phones
  • Switchboard
  • Fax machines
  • Boiler systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Computers

Therefore to be fully compliant we are only dependent upon:

  • Microsoft software
  • Local electricity board
  • Phone companies

We are periodically updating our modern Microsoft software with patches from the Microsoft website and so, with the Electricity Board and the Phone Companies permitting, our information processing and communication capabilities should be no less than before the millenium.

Quality Management System

Leading Edge has a Quality System that is more than a set of procedures ensuring the thing is done right, it is more in the vein of TQM doing the right thing!

Four years after gaining ISO 9001 accreditation, we received a glowing report at our most recent six-monthly external audit.

John Pratt, our Chairman and Chief Executive feels that the secret of Leading Edge's success owes a great deal to its culture supporting quality and constantly striving to drive improvements in process. This attitude has enabled us to deliver added value to clients through better use of knowledge and closer supplier relationships, consistently delivering on time.

With the roots of ISO 9000 traditionally pointed towards a manufacturing orientated environment, application within the service sector has been a challenge, in particular the handling of franchise consultants working off-site.

Using widely available database technology we have developed the Leading Edge Operating System has been developed to allow the free flow of quality system information and knowledge throughout the organisation allowing us to monitor themselves and improve against targets. The system also provides methodologies and on line manuals for training new consultants.

Environmental statement

Leading Edge recognise the part that business should be playing in helping to preserve the environment and provide benefits to the community.

TEL: +44 (0) 1462 440345
FAX: +44 (0) 1462 420345