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…don't mention the "M" word!

We've all joked about how much better we could get on with our jobs if it wasn't for customers. And for sure, clients are becoming more demanding. The problem for many of us is how we can help our staff understand clients and markets better. This means dealing with the misconceptions about what 'marketing' is - and what it isn't.

Delivering marketing consultancy though workshops is a good way of adding extra value and getting to grips with these issues. We can provide marketing workshops that are company specific to develop a marketing strategy or even helping your salesmen develop their key account management skills, or deliver seminars on wider marketing topics, like the future of the industry. We have operated at board level, for company-wide conferences or professional & trade conventions.

We like to use the workshop approach because the level of interaction helps staff understand 'marketing' better, enabling them, for example to become customer focused and to be more effective by finding the 'best' customers and by handling 'moments of truth' better. All this will not only make your company more effective and efficient, but also produce more loyal customers and motivated staff.

Marketing is much too important to be left to the marketing department and this is one way we can we get the whole organisation to encompass the marketing philosophy, to be sure that everyone in the company is working towards the same objectives.

Case Study – Marketing Workshops

We recently helped a client whose main competitors are a good deal larger and work in many segments of the market. But our client knew that the way to beat the competition was to be better at meeting the needs of its clients, across all its disciplines and in depth. The company's directors asked us to raise the awareness of marketing, beginning with one business unit.

We put together a series of workshops to show their technical staff that marketing is really a science after all - and so amenable to engineers and scientists. The series focused on marketing strategy development, the business cycle of winning work, customer service and key account management, all helping to raise their awareness of marketing. The series was so successful, that through popular demand we have repeated it twice for them already and there are plans for more.

What our clients have said about the Management Development Programmes we have held for them

"Many, many thanks…the event was extremely well received"

 "Focussed knowledge of the construction industry"

"A very useful first step, …we need to take on board and move forward"

"How many (more) project managers and division heads could benefit from attendance?"


TEL: +44 (0) 1462 440345
FAX: +44 (0) 1462 420345