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It's all very well for those of you reading this who operate in the construction market, but did you know about our activities in the environmental sector? We have been actively involved in these markets since 1995, although because of the crossover between both sectors we've in effect been getting our feet dirty since 1988.

The UK & European environment technology and services markets have been developing rapidly during the 1990's. As many of you are aware legislation is, and remains, the key driver. However following a flurry of EU Directives in the late eighties and early nineties, the European environmental market is now passing through a series of subtle changes. As we enter the new Millennium marketing in this sector is becoming more sophisticated as companies, established on the wave of legislation, have to face the stark reality of price competition and customer retention.

From our crystal ball, we see four trends colouring the market in the coming decade. The first is the move towards consolidation. Already seen in the waste sector, it is now underway in both environmental consultancy and in the equipment markets, like instrumentation, filtration and air pollution control. Specialists will have to be just that, to survive in this new corporate world. Happy 21st!

Second we have the growth in partnering. Brought about by an over supply in certain segments of the market, partnerships will strengthen enabling member companies to be flexible in meeting increasingly fickle and knowledgeable clients. It is already a reality in the water/wastewater and contaminated land sectors and will follow in others.

Third we have quality. So often given lip service, the growth of ISO 14001 throughout the end-user market will raise expectations of those serving their needs. At the same time, it is giving industry environmental managers a new insight into choices. So knowing what your customer wants, and what they want in the future, will increase in importance.

Finally, we have stakeholder responsibility. Since 3M's pioneering work in the eighties, environmental consciousness has been growing in the end-user market. Those who already have environmental programmes are looking further ahead, with their positions being replaced by the large number of medium-sized companies now seeking to become environmentally responsible.

As a practitioner in the environmental sector you know all about this. You have a marketing team that keeps in constant touch with your markets, has the time available to investigate opportunities and can advise on you strategic implications. Yet situations change and when they do we can help. Alternatively we can give you the full marketing support you need.

TEL: +44 (0) 1462 440345
FAX: +44 (0) 1462 420345