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how customer focused are you?

Is your company a STAR or a DINOSAUR when it comes to focusing on your customers?

You only get one chance to give a first impression! If you don't give your customers what they want, then your competitors will. There is no-one as powerful as a customer who will tell others how good you are.

For each of the statements in the table below put a mark in the column that best describes your company. The links on the right show you how we can help in the areas where you are struggling.

Tick the box that reflects your position against these statements:
For some help on how to improve your score click on the links below
1. We have leading market indicators, so we know exactly how the business is doing.
Marketing Dashboard
2. All our departments are working together for the same objectives.
Strategy & Marketing Workshops
& Branding
3. We know exactly who our customers are and how important each one is to us.
Understanding Customers' Needs
& DS Matrix
4. We know who all our competitors are and constantly monitor what they are doing.
Competitor Analysis
5. Our communication with our customers meets their needs.
Website Evaluation
6. We are always looking for new ideas on how to develop our products/services and make new ones.
Marketing Planning
& Marketing Research
7. Our distribution channels are short enough to support good margins.
Distribution Channels
8. We understand where our company is going and feel enthusiastic about it.
Strategy & Marketing Workshops
& Marketing Research
9. We keep the customers we really want.
Marketing Strategy, Understanding Customers' Needs & Marketing Planning
10. We take calculated risks but have a contingency plan in case they go wrong.
Marketing Planning
11. Our targets for next year are based on up-to-date information on what is likely to happen to the market.
Market Sizing, Growth & Forecasting
12. All last years customers are still my customers.
CRM & Understanding Customers' Needs
13. All our deliveries arrive at the time we told our customers they would and match the exact order.
Understanding Customers' Needs
14. We always tell our customers if their order is going to arrive late, and by how much.
Understanding Customers' Needs
15. Our customers buy from us because they like to deal with us, not because we give them the lowest prices.
16. We always ask our customers how well we have performed.
Understanding Customers' Needs
17. We always perform better than our competitors.
Benchmarking Customer Service
18. We know what the market will be like next year for our product.
Market Sizing, Growth & Forecasting
19. We know exactly what our customers like about our service.
Understanding Customers' Needs
20. We have classified our clients into differing segments according to their needs so that we can tailor our marketing and selling proposition to them.
Segmenting Customers for CRM
21. Our internal sales department can easily meet our customer's needs.
Segmenting Customers for CRM
22. We understand the dynamics of how our product reaches our customers.
Developing New Distribution Channels
Add up your scores =
Take D away from S =
[S] [D]

If you scored between 1 & 22 you're a star. Well done, you must be doing a great many things right. If you scored between 0 & 21, however, you are officially SAD - and you may need some help to improve your company performance to get ahead of your competitors.

Even if you are a star, there might well be areas where support would be welcome. If you feel you would like some extra help to stay ahead of the competition, or want input to a strategic issue, please email us from our contacts page.

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