Get ahead with our construction marketing resources

You can now download a range of papers covering specific marketing and construction industry topics. We have also provided downloads of a number of marketing analysis tools we use to assist clients.

To view our construction marketing downloads you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Latest construction market reports


Construction Industry Barometer: how companies' sales and marketing budgets are performing in the construction sector and expectations for the year ahead (May 2015)

Discover how the construction market sectors have performed over the last 5 years with this in-depth analysis (Published March 2014)


Construction market research


How to maintain your margins in a competitive market place


Is qualitative or quantitative market research the best option for you in the construction and building products sector?


How other companies have benefited from carrying out market research in the construction industry


What market research should you carry out when breaking into a new building products market or sector?


Find out how to undertake effective market research on a limited budget with a specialist market research agency


Construction market analysis


How to make effective use of planning leads when analysing the construction market.


Advice on how to launch a new product into the UK construction market


How the Directional Strategy Matrix can help you identify which markets your company should be targeting.


Construction market strategy and planning


Learn about the key stages when developing your construction marketing strategy.


Tips on how to develop your construction marketing strategy and  plan.


Construction market and sales forecasting


Get up to speed with the different methods of sales forecasting and how they can be used to improve the accuracy of your forecasts. The handout focusses on the building materials and construction sector.


View the output from a construction sales forecasting model. Please contact us for the model.


Customer service benchmarking


Tips on ways to improve your customer service performance in the building products and construction sector.


How you can improve your client relationships through service measurement.


Learn about the key objectives, steps and indicative costs of a customer service benchmarking project in the construction and building products market.


Marketing communications


Ten marketing actions to help you increase sales to your existing customers.


How to brief a consultant or market research agency


How to make sure you get the best value and the results you expect from your specialist research agency. Note this is  a word document.