Customer survey drives improvements for manufacturer

This cement manufacturer is very focused on meeting its customers’ needs and had regularly conducted surveys of its customer service levels. A number of significant changes have altered the state of the market and the competitive environment over the last three years since the last survey. This led the company to take stock of its customers’ expectations of what they want and their perceptions of the company’s performance and brand. They also wanted to compare themselves to their competitors’ performance.

Leading Edge met with the client to talk through the key service issues relating to the customer journey. The 32 most important areas of service were then worked into a bespoke questionnaire. We also ensured that the areas used in previous studies were included to measure any improvements. This way the company could track its customer expectations and their performance over time.

We segmented the company’s contact database in a number of ways, in order to get as much insight from the data as possible. We then spoke to 120 of their customers, either face-to-face or over the telephone.

The survey revealed that the manufacturer was not meeting its customers’ expectations in the most important areas of customer service, but it was performing better than its competitors. The main issues related to meeting delivery times and pro-actively informing the customer of problems.

With this insight, it will now be easier for the company to respond successfully to the changes in the market. It can also adapt its marketing strategy and planning in the light of market and competitor pressures.

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