Customer research to develop marketing strategy for national highways contractor

Client description

  • National contractor with focus on highways maintenance.

Project Objectives

  • To establish customer perceptions of client’s performance.
  • To use the output of the research to help develop the marketing strategy and align the business to customers’ current and future needs.
  • To raise the importance of customer service higher up client’s strategic agenda and ensure it becomes core company value.

How we met the objectives

  • 130 telephone interviews with customers. This covered quite detailed qualitative feedback as well as a number of ratings questions.
  • Respondent groups included Managing Directors at key customers as well as operational personnel across a wide range of clients.

Benefits for the client

  • Used research results to develop operational plans to improve client performance in specific areas.
  • Set benchmark to track future changes in service performance.
  • Compared performance across client’s operating companies to help identify learning points.