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Research of Current Market and Benchmark Against Previous Survey for a Large Contractor

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A national contractor engaged with us in a market research project to benchmark their current performance against data collected two years prior by Leading Edge. This research was integral for the contractor to understand shifts in customer behaviour, media interaction, data usage, and high-level competitor positioning. These insights were intended to inform and refine their marketing strategy.

Project Objectives: Benchmarking and In-Depth Market Analysis

The primary objectives of this research were twofold. First, to benchmark the current market position of the contractor against previous data, allowing an assessment of progress and changes over time. Second, to discover more detailed areas of customer behaviour related to media and data usage, conduct a high-level competitor assessment, and identify key infrastructure issues. These comprehensive insights were aimed at informing the contractor’s marketing plan and strategic decision-making.

Methodology: Engaging Customers for Valuable Insights

To achieve these goals, the research team contacted 45 current and prospective customers to conduct telephone interviews. These interviews were designed to collect both quantitative data and important qualitative feedback. The emphasis was on ensuring that the comments from customers were as insightful and informative as the hard data, providing a balanced view of customer perceptions and experiences.

Outcomes: Informing Marketing Strategies and Identifying Progress

The detailed analysis from this research provided important insights directly feeding into the contractor’s marketing plan. It allowed for a comparison of net promoter scores, offering a clear picture of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Additionally, the research identified what progress had been made in specific areas, such as cost reporting, communication, and post-completion support. This comparison with past data was essential for understanding how the company’s strategies and operations had evolved and where further improvements were needed.

Conclusion: Leveraging Research for Continuous Improvement

This analysis highlighted the significance of ongoing market research in understanding and responding to changing market dynamics and customer expectations. By systematically benchmarking against past data and gathering comprehensive customer feedback, the national contractor was able to tailor their marketing strategy and operational approaches effectively. This proactive approach to market research and analysis underscores the importance of continual assessment and adaptation in maintaining a competitive edge in the construction industry.

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