Regional construction market forecast for contractor and house building company

Client description

  • UK property business specialising in commercial construction and housebuilding.

Project objectives

  • To provide an analysis and forecast for a local region and an overview of the wider GB construction market.
  • To understand activity levels in fiver core markets over the following three years – education, health, housebuilding, industrial and commercial.

How we met the objectives

  • Analysed market data from a wide number of sources including project planning leads, Government data and web searches.
  • Developed a forecasting model to estimate output by sector and region for next 3 years.

Benefits for the client

  • Helped in business planning by providing client with current and expected market sizes, key competitors, clients and specifiers in each target sector. We also provided insights into the regional ‘hot-spots’ and major framework contracts to target  new contract opportunities.
  • Client senior management used  report in budgeting process to  target growth in the region